MLBB Halloween Skins 2023: Get Free Skins!

Have to you get free MLBB Halloween Skins in the recent event. The Halloween event features series skins which you can get it free of cost. On the top of free MLBB Halloween Skins they’re also featuring many theme challenges and rewards. The Trickster’s Village event and The Straw Doll Summon Pattern event are the theme event which is available for limited period of time.

Here in this article, we will tell you all about the MLBB Halloween Skins 2023 giving in the event. We will see whether the MLBB Halloween Skins is free or not or if it free then how to get it. This will fun to explore all these things. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

MLBB Halloween Skins

MLBB Halloween Skins: Free Skins, Event And Rewards:-

MLBB Halloween Event 2023 is offering three new skins if you participate in the event, including Karrie’s Jester, Akai’s and Cyclops’ Straw Doll skin. Karrie’s Jester skins is available in Straw Doll Summon Pattern event, and you can get it by completing it. Akai’s MLBB Halloween is a free Skin which is available in Trickster’s Village event. Cyclops’ Straw Doll skin is the not free as you have to purchase it by diamonds.

Along with those skins, there are other MLBB Skins you get in thus Halloween event.

Layla is a new Starlight skin is featured in the Halloween event. Popular marksman hero with a new starlight skin which is titled as Twilight Waltz. Layla looks very pretty with her visuals and amazing skills effects. You can get this heroes skin in the Halloween event, but it is unknown whether it is free or not. So I have to find out by your own.

MLBB Halloween Skins


Pharsa’s is Epic skin, which is available in the Halloween event. He is a very powerful planetary being which is title as a Neon Shingetsu. To let you know that these kings is not free and will cost you 899 diamonds. But for the first week mobile Legend bang bang Halloween event is giving discount, and you can get it for 629 diamonds.

If you have enough diamonds to purchase Pharsa then it is a chance to get this Epic skin. Enough diamonds to purchase this Epic skin then there are several ways by which you can get diamonds. If you want to know, follow the given below paragraph.

MLBB Halloween Skins

How to Get Free MLBB Halloween skins?

If you want to get free Halloween skin in MLB then here are some ways you can get it.

1. By participating in Trickster’s Village event you can get free skins. It is the main Halloween event which grant you many rewards such as diamonds skins and other in game items. But first you have to participate and to do it simply go to the event and search Trickster’s Village event. Then select Trickster’s Village event, enter the events. Now you have to simply complete all the challenges and get free skins.

2. Bleeding daily and weekly missions in Halloween event: you can get free skins by completing daily missions and weekly missions in the main Halloween event, which will grant you Trickster’s Coins and other rewards. If you participated in Trickster’s Village event, then you will get daily missions which you have to complete.

3. Participate in the giveaways as many famous gamers and content creators already knew about the event and many times the officials give them skin before its release to give away the lucky players. The usually give away the free skins in their discord channel so make sure to join their discord channel and if you are lucky then you will get your reward.