Cici MLBB Release Date: Confirm Release Date?

Cici MLBB Release Date: The new Hero Cici is going to come in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Cici is recently added in the game but not yet release to equipped by the players. As Cici, MLBB will be the 123rd number hero in the game. Many players are concerned about the release date of Cici MLBB. All of them Aquarius about her skills and abilities and want to use against their enemies heroes.

However, the confirmed date is still unknown for all of us. Therefore, we make this article to let you know all about the Cici MLBB release date, skills, abilities and some informative details of her which will help to know her better. So let’s dive into the information and know the Cici MLBB release date.

Cici MLBB Release Date

What Is Cici MLBB Release Date?

Cici in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a pretty unique physical damage fighter Hero. She is equipped with a yo-yo as the as a primary weapon in the game, which increase her movement speed on the battlefield. If we talk about her release date in MLBB, then you will get hands on her in 2024.

The exact release date is not announced yet but it will surely be released on next year. Maybe on first or second month. So you have to wait for the official announcement from the officials to know when you are going to use Cici MLBB as your Hero in battlefield.

Cici MLBB Release Date

Cici MLBB Skills And Abilities:-

We talk about the Cici MLBB release date, Now let’s talk about her abilities and skills which you will use against the other Hero in battlefield. Cici is a powerful yo-yo user in Mobile Legends, having two main skills.

Her First Skill is Burst Skill when she throws her yo yo in the range towards the enemies, It helps her to lock the enemy for 3.5 seconds and also hit them up to 10 times which deal damage up to 100. And every time the physical attack will increase by 1% when yo yo hit to the Hero.

Cici MLBB Release Date

And her Second Skill is Mobility, as Cici jumps to avoid the target location. And when she lands hit on the enemy, she deals total 40% physical damage. After that she jump again in their target location which help her to defeat enemy quickly.

She can also target to enemy heroes at a same time. She throws yo yo towards the enemy heroes and link them if they are nearby. By doing this, deal extra 10% physical damage and slow them by 4%. She can target twice but the second damage will reduce up to 30%.

More About Cici Hero in MLBB:-

Cici MLBB is a very quick and unique Hero added in mobile Legend bang bang. Her perk make her more mobile and agile towards her enemy on the battlefield. With her the main skills, she deals more percentage of physical damage towards her enemy heroes.

As we talk about her skills, it gives her a passive ability and provide extra moments of speed and mobility in the game. When Cici MLBB is in the full stack, she gains extra sustenance and extra spell vamp percentage, which is useful in the team match.


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