Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Event, Rewards, Features and More!

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary event is around the corner. The fantasy RPG is going to celebrate its third birthday, but before that the next anniversary event has also been planned too.

Blue Archive makers have confirmed that the new 2nd anniversary event will have some brand new collaboration and all players will also be able to get their hands on new exclusive skins and cosmetics along with all other new rewards too.

Blue Archive 2nd anniversary event

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Event, Rewards, Features and More!

Blue Archive 2nd anniversary event

The locations for the second year anniversary event of Blue Archive are yet to be confirmed still, but fans and users across world are already waiting with huge hype. Gamers and players of Blue Archive will also be able to find new events, cosplay, mini-game activities and more.

And just like every year, you must also pay some bucks and enter the auditorium to witness the live event of Blue Archive game. You can also meet thousands of fans over the world over there too.

By playing all mini games during the live event of Blue Archive, yoh will be able to collect some extraordinary rewards and resources too. Blue Archive anniversary event rewards will all be exclusive and you can even get some legendary skins and cosmetics too.

The Blue Archive anniversary event rewards also include new skins and banners where you can get exclusive four-star or even five-star characters and units in the game too. The stats for these characters in the game will also be higher too.

The Blue Archive 2nd anniversary event will also be available for a long time and you can take part in all new mini games and win some exclusive challenges too. This will also be your best opportunity to claim some rare rewards and resources too.

About the Game

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary is a tactical roleplaying game. This amazing game is for iOS and Android. The gacha mechanic lets you all to unlock free anime characters through the reroll mechanism guide too.

Play as a Sensei in the academy city of Kivotos. Follow all the orders of General Student Council, an extrajudicial committee governing the schools. You also have to guide them always and take them to a good position and help them unlock all new skills too.

She’s suddenly disappeared and players must all complete the remaining objectives and clear the criminals of Kivotos too. All players are also tasked by the remaining members of the council and then discover the president to progress in the game’s story.

The combat here will be fantastic and you can all expect some extraordinary features and content too. Overall, Blue Archive will be a game that’s going to stun everyone after its release.

New swords, weapons, heroes, pets, and fantasy locations are all major features and content for Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary. The PvP and PvE battles will also be a visual treat as well and you have to make use of all your new skills to win this.

Two specials and four strikers can be recruited to teams of Blue Archive game. This game is not available for PC or other consoles too. But you can continue to play it on mobiles and complete all those remarkable missions too.

But the standards of Blue Archive are also already high so that it is soon going to be out for PC too. But let’s wait and watch out for an official announcement from the makers of Blue Archive sooner from their official handles too.

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