Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters: Quizzes and Puzzles!

Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters: First Reverse 1999 quizzes and puzzles arrive in the game. Within a few hours of the start of the main story in Reverse 1999 we come across the puzzles which you have to solve. All the many players have solved starting puzzles, but they’re having difficulty in the last puzzle to solve, which is Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters.

So here in this article we will give you the answer of last Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters puzzle and also tell you the previous puzzle’s solutions. This is for those players who haven’t started the game yet. If you want to know the answer of last puzzle of first main story of Reverse 1999 density with this article. So, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters

Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters: Last Stage Puzzle Answer:-

Before starting with the puzzle, let’s see some basic information on this Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters. You will see this puzzle in stages which is in a form of mini-game in order to complete the main story. All this questions in the stages had come from the dialogue given in the game when you started.

As many players skipped the dialogue, and now they’re having difficulty to complete Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters puzzle. But don’t worry, we give you the answer of your last puzzle question. Here is the answer to the last question given below:

Question: How many older sisters does she have?

Answer: 12.

After completing this puzzle, you will get 20x Clear Drop reward.

Along with Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters puzzle answer, here are all the before stages answers also. If you are having difficulty to complete those stages, then take help and complete it.

  • Stage 1-7

Question: What is the thing with one horn hung high above her hall that always gazes at people?

Answer: Quiet Ravenheart

  • Stage: 1-10 

Question: So what is Matilda Bouanich’s score?

Answer: 86

  • Stage: 1-12

Question: Item needed: Truth Serum

Answer: Once you complete is from Trace Stage 1-11, you will get Truth Serum.

Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters

All About The Reverse 1999 Game:-

Reverse 1999 is a newly released RPG game created by the Bluepoch Co., Ltd. This is only available for Microsoft and Android. Reverse 1999 have great art style who blend classic oil paint, pop art and styles. The storyline of Reverse 1999 is based on the incidents take place on the last day of year 1999, where I mysterious from spread all over the world and reverse the time which send the world back to the early 20th century.

So in this game you will give in a role of Time traveler who have to find out the truth and save the world. As the game features many characters such as humans be and peoples with magical powers and other races. You can make your character in your party and use them into the battle with other enemy. You have to explore the world and uncover the truth about the storm spread all over the world in 1999.

The Reverse 1999 offers different gameplay features such as turn based combat where you can turn enemies using your character unique abilities. Exploration where you can explore through the game different location such as dungeon forest and cities. Time Travel, where you can travel back and 4 in the time to solve the puzzle and level up in the game. Character development where player can level up their characters and learn new skills where they can equip powerful weapons and armors.

Reverse 1999 Schneider Sisters


Over-all, the game is very thrilling, and you will love to play it. This game is usually for those who like art style and interesting story lines. Suggest you to try Reverse 1999 and review the game in comment. And we will share with our other friends about Reverse 1999.



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