How to get Reverse 1999 pre register rewards?

Reverse 1999 Pre register rewards: Reverse 1999 is giving rewards to the player those who pre register the game. Reverse 1999 is newly released RPG game based on the story of time traveler Where are storm spread all around the world and take the human organization to 20th century. In Reverse 1999 you play a role of Time traveler who uncover the truth and save the world. For the good start, The game is giving reward to the player. This reward will help players to progress in the game.

But many players don’t know what is in Reverse 1999 pre register rewards and also how to get it. Because the game is new, and we don’t know how it is operated. However, here in this article we will give you answer of all your questions and also guide you to get Reverse 1999 pre register rewards. So without any further delay, let’s continue and no all about it.

Reverse 1999 pre register rewards

What Reverse 1999 Pre Register Rewards we will get?

In Reverse 1999 pre register rewards you will get Five Star Matilda and 1,800 Clear Drops. And this reward will be available when Reverse 1999 will have a million active player. So if the rivers 1999 didn’t have a million interested players, then you have to wait.

There are many additional rewards in rivers 1999 where players will get in their first month. You will get 20 Unilogs, Picrasma Candy, Growth Materials and Parade Anthem Commemorative Garment. In order to get this Reverse 1999 rewards you have to complete Starter Task.

Also, if you log in in the launch event of Reverse 1999 for 8 days you will get rewards like Six Star Psychube, 23 Unilogs and Five Star Dikke.


How to Get Reverse 1999 pre register rewards?

To get Reverse 1999 pre register rewards you just have to log in in to the game. To do this, go to the official page of Reverse 1999 and login by following the instructions. Then go to the rewards section and collect the Reverse 1999 pre-register rewards. You will get notification in your email, simply click the link and complete the tutorial. Complete the tutorial, the reward will add in your box.


All About The Reverse 1999 Game:-

Reverse 1999 is a newly released RPG game created by the Bluepoch Co., Ltd. This is only available for Microsoft and Android. Reverse 1999 have great art style who blend classic oil paint, pop art and styles. The storyline of Reverse 1999 is based on the incidents take place on the last day of year 1999, where I mysterious from spread all over the world and reverse the time which send the world back to the early 20th century.

So in this game you will give in a role of Time traveler who have to find out the truth and save the world. As the game features many characters such as humans be and peoples with magical powers and other races. You can make your character in your party and use them into the battle with other enemy. You have to explore the world and uncover the truth about the storm spread all over the world in 1999.

The Reverse 1999 offers different gameplay features such as turn based combat where you can turn enemies using your character unique abilities. Exploration where you can explore through the game different location such as dungeon forest and cities. Time Travel, where you can travel back and 4 in the time to solve the puzzle and level up in the game. Character development where player can level up their characters and learn new skills where they can equip powerful weapons and armors.


Over all the game is very thrilling, and you will love to play it. This game is usually for those who like art style and interesting story lines. Suggest you to try Reverse 1999 and review the game in comment. And we will share with our other friends about Reverse 1999.


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