How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite (2023)

How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite: To dominate the Fortnitemares 2023 event, Epic Games new Phantom Meowscles Bundle. This bundle will haunt you in the item shop, and this bundle includes the Epic Phantom Meowscles skin. New Phantom Meowscles skin having a curve Shadow realm. This new bundle is just released in Fortnitemares 2023 event to celebrate Halloween season.

In this new bundle you will see other items also which themed with Fortnite Phantom Meowscles skin. And in this article we will be going to explore this bundle and see how to get new Phantom Meowscles Skin in Fortnite. Also cover his features and know everything about it, so it will be easy for you to play with it in this skin. So if you want to know all about the new Phantom Meowscles bundle, stick with us and continue reading thus article.

How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite

How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite?

The New Phantom Meowscles Bundle includes this skin with other items, if you purchase this bundle then you don’t have to buy a separate skin. As for your knowledge, there are two ways to get new Phantom Meowscles skin in Fortnite. The first one I just shared with you and the second one is to wait for the skin to release individually in the items shop.

I totally like the first way to get New Phantom Meowscles skin in Fortnite this bundles also includes Furrocious Flame Back Bling, Fishbone Cleaver Pickaxe, and Furrocious Shadow Wrap. You buy it in a bundle, you will get a great deal rather than purchasing this individually. The bundle will cost you 1500 V-Bucks, side whether you want to buy Phantom Meowscles skin in Bundle or not.

How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite

And the second way to buy New Phantom Meowscles Skin in Fortnite, wait for individually release in the item shop. But it will take time, the bundle is just released. In few days or in the future, Fortnite will surely release the skin, and you can purchase it in the item shop.

I am also thinking that Fortnite may give you this New Phantom Meowscles skin free in an exchange of completing some challenges and quest. It is just a speculation so don’t be serious in this note, I am just sharing my opinion to you. As Fortnite is doing things in favors of players, so I think that it may happen that’s Fortnite will offer this skin as a reward when you complete challenge in Fortnitemares 2023 event.

New Phantom Meowscles Bundle:-

The Phantom Meowscles skin is an epic outfit in Fortnitemares 2023 event. The Phantom Meowscles look having a big white eyes and a smiling face. Not a happy smile but a evil smile which will make you scare you. The color of New Phantom Meowscles skin is black with pink. It also has some unique features such as a ghostly tale and a grooming pink tattoos which cover his old body.

How To Get New Phantom Meowscles Skin In Fortnite

In the New Phantom Meowscles Bundle you will see Furrocious Flame Back Bling, The Fishbone Cleaver Pickaxe, The Furrocious Shadow Wrap. The Furrocious Flame Back Bling is a back bling, which matches to its skin perfectly. The Fishbone Cleaver Pickaxe is a Phantom Meowscles weapon, who help you to perfectly harvest the material and also eliminating your enemies. The Furrocious Shadow Wrap is used to wrap in any of your weapons and vehicles. When you wrapped, it will give you matching wives with your New Phantom Meowscles skin in Fortnite.


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