How to Use Maokai Twisted Advance LoL Ability?

Twisted advance LoL is a powerful ability which is used to effective in various situations. You can get advantages by understanding Twisted advance League of Legends ability by using its strategies. It is a dash ability of Maokai in Twisted Treant in League of Legends.

However, here in this article we will discuss Twisted Advance League of Legends and see how we can acquire this ability. We will also tell you how you can acquire disability for your character. As it is a excellent ability which deal magical damage you should have it full stop, so without any further let’s drive into the information and see how we can get Twisted Advance LoL.

Twisted Advance LoL

What is Twisted Advance LoL?

Twisted Advance LoL is a W ability of Maokai, which Maokai to transfer in a moving mass of fruit, which means it can move swiftly and become UN targetable by or opponent. By disability, you can dash to the target easily. And when he routes to the target in a shot’s distance and then deal the magical damage towards the opponent. Here are some few ability LOL Twisted Advance that you can use in the battle.

  • You can escape the danger
  • You can interrupt the enemy abilities.
  • Engage on enemy champions.
  • You can also set up kills for your teammates.

Twisted Advance LoL ability is very amazing, you can easily escape from the danger as it can be interrupted by crowd control ability. This twisted advance League of legend ability when you know that you can secure a kill by engaging enemy champions. Also use this ability to co-ordinate with your teammates and set them kills.

Twisted Advance LoL

How to acquire Twisted Advance League Of Legends?

If you want to acquire Twisted Advance LoL you just have to select Maokai as your champion. And then after selecting Maokai as a champion, you have to level up his W ability. As the ability is available at the level 1, so you have to level up Twisted Advance LoL ability for more than 4 additional times.

Twisted Advance LoL

All about Maokai Champion in League Of Legends?

Maokai is a tank champion in League of legend like a towering tree who fight to manage the scourge of unlife from Shadow Isles to restore is house in the former beauty. He is a versatile champion which can be play various rules such as top lane Jungle and support. Maokai have various abilities and mainly known for his crowd control abilities and his ability to engage on enemies and his tackiness also. Maokai has a key ability is which help player to win the match.

This key ability includes Nature’s Grasp, Bramble Smash, Sapling Toss, Twisted Advance and Unleashed Power. And in this article we learn about twisted advance, one of his key ability. However, Maokai is a great champion for every player for all skill levels. But there is something you should keep in mind that even he is easy to learn, but when you try to master it you will find difficulties. But as we always say that practice make man perfect, so practice Maokai abilities, and you will surely master his all abilities and help the match.


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