How to recruit Disgaea 7 Ceefore in our party?

Disgaea 7 Ceefore is a valuable asset in the game, as she is a skilled assassin with many abilities. If you have her, then you can easily move further in the game. In Chapter 2, Disgaea 7 Ceefore is first debut in the game as a thief class character specializing in inflicting fire damage. Therefore, many players want to recruit here in their crew, and it is not easy to do that.

But here in this article we will tell you how to can recruit this skilled assassin to your team. We will tell you all about Ceefore Disgaea 7 and all guide you to defeat her and it in our team. So, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Disgaea 7 Ceefore

Disgaea 7 Ceefore – All you have to know about her:-

Disgaea 7 Ceefore is the thief class character first introduced in chapter 2 Vows of the Virtueless. She can inflict fire damage to the opponents, it is her ability. If we talk about here appearance, Disgaea 7 Ceefore is girl having lilac hair and with a tiny angle wing in her back.

Ceefore Disgaea 7 wear a domina mask which completely hide her eyes. As she always dressed casual, dark tights, a blue shirt with pink cupholders, and a pink drape with a black bat worked on it. As Disgaea 7 Ceefore is mysterious because we don’t have many things about her. Between the chapter 2 she suddenly disappeared and returned to chapter 3 as a mid-boss.


Disgaea 7 Ceefore

As we know Ceefore Disgaea 7 is skilled thief and assassin, also agile and moving very fast between the battle. With here silent personality now one can imay that she will that much damages. If you want her that you have to first defeat here in the battle. If you succeed in it then you can add Disgaea 7 Ceefore in your team. Once your add her in your team shw will loyal to you. As she is fiercely loyal and care those who very close to her.

How to Recruit Disgaea 7 Ceefore in your party?

If you want to get Disgaea 7 Ceefore you have to first reached to the chapter 3. And to reach the chapter 3 you must have complete chapter to first. Once you reach chapter 3 in episode 3 you have to track her to the Sardemon World. Then once you reach there you have to complete few task then you will face her as a mid episode Boss. So you have to defeat her and once you success you will get option to recruit her in your party.

Disgaea 7 Ceefore

But defeating Disgaea 7 Ceefore is not that much easy if you want to defeat her then follow this steps.

When you start the battle, make sure to keep an eye on her position because she is very fast and agile. Do not keep I out of her.

As we know Ceefore Disgaea 7 ability to inflicting fire damage so make sure to keep distance from her. If you in a close combat match then make sure that the character you use have a high fire resistance.

Having a Assassin skill she is very difficult to defeat and can lead you lots of damage to your character. So protect your weak character and use healer while fighting with.


Disgaea 7 Ceefore

If you keep all this thing in mind and play according to this, then you will surely defeat mid-episode Boss Ceefore. And once you defeat her, you can recruit her to your party.



In conclusion, Disgaea 7 Ceefore very valuable asset for the players. And if she is in your team, then it will be difficult for the other players to defeat you easily. So try to defeat in the mid-episode and recruit her on your party. As for now I only have this much information, if I get more leaks on Disgaea 7 Ceefore I will update this article. So bookmark it to know for the information.

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