Door Guardian Lies of P Complete Guide Latest 2023

In the eerie realm of Door Guardian Lies of P, players encounter formidable foes known as mini-bosses while navigating the unsettling city of Krat. Among these challenging adversaries is the enigmatic Door Guardian, a formidable opponent that poses a significant challenge. To emerge victorious against this adversary, one must employ strategic combat tactics, quick thinking. A formidable adversary players must overcome to advance further in the game. 

Door Guardian Lies of P Complete Guide Latest 2023

Conquering these mini-bosses not only adds excitement to the game’s narrative but also presents crucial decision-making moments. Demonstrating your ability to triumph over these formidable adversaries, such as the Parade Master, underscores your proficiency in this captivating game. Today, we will delve into how to defeat the Door Guardian Lies of P. In the spine-chilling world of “Lies of P,” there exists a mini-boss known as the Door Guardian. 

Door Guardian Lies of P

This potent enemy serves as the guardian of the entrance to Arche Abbey, preventing any progress beyond this point. As you approach this eerie location, the Door Guardian transforms into a formidable obstacle, challenging your combat skills and cunning as you navigate the game’s mysterious and unsettling storyline. Prepare yourself for a demanding battle against the Door Guardian and continue your journey in the world of “Lies of P.”

The Door Guardian distinguishes itself from other bosses in “Lies of P” by its resilience to damage. Most attacks will have little effect, making progress challenging. This battle is notably difficult and prolonged, as the Door Guardian Lies of P can inflict substantial ranged damage. Before engaging in the battle, it’s advisable to eliminate a large scorpion-like enemy near the starting point. 

How to defeat Door Guardian Lies of P

This prevents it from reappearing in subsequent attempts. Next, dispatch the smaller peon enemies before reaching the towers above. If you manage to defeat all six of them, they will not return in future attempts. Finally, return and vanquish the last scorpion-like enemy. This strategy ensures you have relatively easy enemies to contend with as you approach the gate, although some damage may still occur.

Prioritize defense but equip a swift weapon like the Two Dragons Sword, a Patience Amulet, and maximize your stamina. These preparations will position you for a well-prepared battle and effective combat. If you find it challenging to defeat the Door Guardian, you’re not alone; many players face this struggle. The Door Guardian Lies of P can only be damaged in certain areas, specifically its head and the right leg (the leg on your left when facing it). 

To overcome the Door Guardian Lies of P, concentrate your attacks on its vulnerable right leg, as indicated in the image. Your goal is to damage the leg swiftly, causing the Door Guardian to collapse during the battle. To conquer the Door Guardian, seize a prime opportunity at the outset of the battle and employ your unique Fable Art Power. Utilizing a potent tier three attack in combination with normal assaults should cause the Door Guardian to collapse initially.

Door Guardian Lies of P Complete Guide Latest 2023

To Conclude

Exercise caution when it falls, as it can inflict substantial damage. As it collapses, deliver a lethal strike, then focus on causing maximum damage to its head. Repeat this rotation throughout the battle. While more potent weaponry may lead to a quicker victory, the Two Dragon’s Sword might prolong the fight. Reaching the third rotation assures your victory, but the Door Guardian might not endure until then.

In Door Guardian Lies of P, mini-boss stands as the guardian of the entrance to Arche Abbey, presenting a formidable challenge. To overcome this potent adversary, employ strategic combat tactics and make use of the Fable Art ability, focusing on its vulnerable right leg. Clear the vicinity of surrounding enemies before engaging, equipping a swift weapon such as the Two Dragons Sword, and maintaining high stamina are critical for success. 

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