Lies of P Build Guide Stormsteel Templar Latest 2023

Although the Lies of P Build Guide Stormsteel Templar starts out as a Physical personality, Lies of P allows you to transform it into a Fire personality. This fire-type variant contains the preservation pathway. Trailblazer’s strong attacks and a tanky setup may let you beat multiple formidable adversaries. To access this Fire version, however, you must first progress through the regular narrative.

Lies of P Build Guide Stormsteel Templar Latest 2023

You must travel far enough in Lies of P to unlock and gain the primary personality, Fire Trailblazer MC. You can access the Preservation path and the fire abilities after finishing the missions on Jarilo-VI. Not all of the missions, mind you, just the story. As a result, all that is required of you is perseverance and patience. Remember that the Trailblazer you begin with has a Physical characteristic and follows the Destruction path by default.

Lies of P Build Guide Stormsteel Templar

Once you have obtained the Fire Type, you can switch between them by switching the Light Cone on your Trailblazer. Simply select “Switch” from the Cone section in the bottom right corner of the character menu. Users must finish the Trailblazer narrative level in Jarilo-VI’s story mode to unlock the Preservation route and Trailblazer Fire type in Lies of P. It is obtained during Jarilo-VI’s last boss confrontation with Cocolia. Following the monster’s defeat, you can use the Light Cones to switch between Trailblazer’s Physical and Fire attack types.

As a Preservation Path character, Fire Trailblazer’s kit revolves around becoming the backbone to protect your team by providing them with a shield based on your DEF. The Fire Trailblazer’s talent will tease the adversaries, causing them to assault the Fire Trailblazer. When Fire Trailblazer is hit, they get a stack of Magma Will. With 4 stacks of Magma Will, Fire Trailblazer’s regular assault becomes an AoE attack. 

If you have the five-star Light Cone, we highly recommend you equip them instead of the four-star rarity Light Cone since there will be a huge attribute gap when you upgrade the Light Cone level. The Fire variant of Trailblazer is capable of defeating several tough adversaries and bosses because of these reliable talents. To obtain Trailblazer Fire in Lies of P, you only need to complete that action.

Lies of P Build Guide Stormsteel Templar Latest 2023

More about Stormsteel Templar Build Guide Lies of P 

We recommend focusing on raising Fire Trailblazer’s DEF for Relics and Planar Ornament builds because their Ultimate damage scales with their DEF. The higher your DEF, the longer you can play the tanker and take enemy damage. Not to mention, Fire Trailblazer will always provide the team with a shield whenever they perform a normal attack, skill, or Ultimate.

Knight of Purity Palace is the best Relic for this case, increasing Trailblazer’s DEF by 12% during the 2-set. You may also use these Relics in conjunction with the Guard of Withering Snow 2 set to lower DMG absorbed by 8%, giving you a better chance of survival. Choose Belobog of the Architects Planar Ornament for the extra DEF set benefit, or Fleet of the Ageless to boost Fire Trailblazer’s Max HP.

As for Fire Trailblazer’s Light Cone build, you can focus on the Preservation Path Light Cone, since we can’t activate the effect from the other Light Cone’s Path. Here are the best Light Cone, Relics, Planar Ornament, and the best Team Comp for Fire Trailblazer. For Fire Trailblazer’s Light Cone, almost all of the Preservation Path Light Cone fits very well.

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