Fright Factory Event COD Mobile 2023 – Tips & Rewards! 

Fright factory event COD Mobile is live. This new COD Mobile fright factory event is all included under the halloween themed season. More on COD Mobile Fright factory event is here at our GA guide end.

COD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard shift update has brought in hallowed themed season event and challenges. One among the many is the new fright factory event CODM for 2023.

Patrol multiplayer mode from COD Vanguard is now also back to the world of CoD Mobile. The fright factory event will reward you will with some Candy lottery tickets.

Fright Factory Event COD Mobile 2023 – Tips & Rewards! 

Fright Factory Event COD Mobile

Play both multiplayer and battle royale challenges in COD Mobile fright factory event for 2023. By doing this exclusively, you can get all new rewards as well too.


You will get candy lottery tickets that can also be used to craft Ajax and Web Spinner. The milestone rewards for the fright factory event in Call of Duty Mobile 2023 are the,

Fright Factory Event COD Mobile

  • Ajax – Flesh Golem
  • Kilo 141 – Webspinner

Every new event in the halloween season of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be thrilling. Kill your opponents using special guns and win some exclusive cosmetics and skin rewards too.

You can also play all other new events like Ghost ChasingSpectral Smackdown and Team-Up Rank Shield Event. Also all new seasonal challenges and events are live in COD Mobile. The new set of features are good too.

COD Mobile The undead siege zombies are back too. More new additions including Halloween Standoff and Haunted Hacienda are also available to the game too. Complete new events and unlock free battle pass tiers and also the premium pass tiers too.

That’s a wrap for our fright factory event CODM content. Fright Factory Event COD Mobile is here for a long time. Earn exclusive rewards by completing all the CoD Mobile fright factory event and many more other events in 2023 too.

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Is COD Mobile Worth Playing in 2023? 

Yes, COD Mobile has always been the best battle royale and shooter game with non-stop action and shooting too. COD Mobile has grown and grown upto 11 seasons right now. The success of COD Mobile is also phenomenal too.

There are incredible weapons, battle pass, skins, operators, and more to keep you engaged in the COD Mobile game too. Call of Duty has always been the king of all action games and the legacy well and truly continues with this amazing COD Mobile Season 8 too.

COD Mobile is a spectacular game from the Call of Duty franchise. This one being a mobile exclusive game has lots of content and features. Many new heroes and enemies are getting added to the game through the new patch update version content.

Be it BR mode missions, new skins and cosmetics, battle pass. CODM team has hit the bullseye over the seasons. Also the 9th season of COD Mobile is live now too.

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