Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes: 4 December, 2023!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes: The game give updated patch notes with new game features cosmetics multiplayer modes and also fix miner bugs and crashes which causes problem between the game. There is no surprise that Texas Chainsaw Massacre regularly release patch notes to improve the performance on varieties of hardware.

If you talk about today’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre update patch notes, they give new features hazards and improve the AI enemies, which make the game more challenging and exciting. Including this, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre also provides basic bug fix and new updates.

And here in this article we will know what is added in this new Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes. We will also see what other things this game post in this patch notes such as improvement bug fixed new environment improved new cosmetic options and new multiplayer modes. Let’s Diamond to this article and no everything about it in detail.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes

Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes:-

You will get varieties of cosmetic options in this Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes. Which add new playing experience and new layers of personality in multiplayer options. As I said earlier in the introduction, they feature new game play more with new environment hazards and new improved AI enemy.

This can add a difficult level for all the players in the game. They also made changes in multiplayer modes by heading to new modes which is team that match and capture the flag full song now you can experience new way in the game and compete with your friends online. Where are the full list of new Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Update Patch Notes: 4 December 2023:-

Here are the todays Texas Chainsaw Massacre update patch notes, given below:


  • Minor bugs and crashes are fixed.
  • Improve the performance in varieties of hardware configuration.


  • For better experience, they added a new difficulty level for the player.
  • Improve AI enemy to make the match more challenging and unpredictable.
  • New hiding spots and environment hazard is added to help the player survive.
  • To make the game more challenging, they adjust the spawn rates of the enemy.

Multiplayer Modes:

  • Added Death Match and Capture the Flag match in multiplayer mode.
  • Multiplayer server is improved.
  • Minor multiplayer bugs are fixed.

New Cosmetic Options:

  • You can now customize is your characters with new clothes and accessories.
  • Leather face is back with some better improvement.


  • New photo mode is added in the game to capture Epic moment.
  • Motion blur option is added in the menu.
  • Added new option in menu to adjust the brightness and contrast of the game.
  • Added new gallery mode to view and share the screenshot.

However, every time this Texas Chainsaw Massacre update patch notes gives players new content. It gives new features to the player to enjoy and engage with the game. And also updated a significant addition by offering new modes and events. If you are a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is worth checking it out.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes


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