Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List December 2023: Best Exotic Weapons!

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List for December 2023 in the season of Plunder is here, usually, Bungie brings on new Exotic weapons regularly to Destiny 2 games, so the exotic weapon tier list table keeps varying always.

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List December 2023!

So this new Destiny 2 season 18 exotic weapons tier list table for Aug December 2023 will determine the best new exotic items for the season of Plunder now, pick out the best exotic weapon from our Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List for Aug December 2023.

Also, the tier weapons for Destiny 2 are classified into 4 phases S, A, B, and C, with S tier Destiny 2 exotic weapons being the menacing and most sophisticated guns from Bungie.

 Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List August

Destiny 2 Season 18: Exotic Tier Weapons Complete List Aug December 2023!

S Tier Exotic Weapons!

The high voltage Destiny 2 guns and weapons are always added to the S tier list by Bungie,

The kinetic weapons from Destiny 2 S tier list are the chaperone, osteo striga, wither hoard, eriana’s vow, ace of spades, ager’s scepter,

Likewise, the best S tier energy based weapons in Destiny 2 season 18 are the vex mythoclast, trinity ghoul, divinity, the heavy ammo Destiny 2 S tier weapons include the lament, heir apparent, 1k Voices, Gjallarhorn, Hand cannon, Risk runner, etc.

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List August 2022

A Tier Exotic Weapons!

The A tier list of Destiny 2 exotic weapons has always been the 2nd best in the game with the best and most set of powerful guns on the game, A tier Kinetic weapon guns are the

Traveler’s chosen, crimson, hawkmoon, izanagi’s burden, rat king gun, fore runner, bastion, fighting lion, arbalest, the last word, Monte Carlo, Sturm, cloudstrike, sunshot, duality, lorentz driver, wave splitter and the energetic dead messenger too.

The A tier energetic Destiny 2 guns are the jotunn, mida multi tool gun, the last word, the huckle berry and the outbreak perfected too. Similarly the Destiny 2 A tier heavy ammo Weapon Exotic guns have thunderlord, anarchy, xenophage, whisper of the worm, eyes of tomorrow, and the wardcliff coil too.

B Tier Exotic Weapons!

Lumina, Bad juju, wish ender, Thorn, Hand Cannon, Malfeasance, Fighting Lion, and Vigilance Wing are the B tier top weapons from the Kinetic class in Destiny 2 season 18 weapon list.

Likewise, the energy and heavy weapons in Destiny 2 B tier will be the colony, parasite, tractor cannon, ruinous effigy, hard light, lord of wolves, symmetry, skyburner’s oath, Polaris Lance, merciless, the fourth horseman, lord of wolves, black talon gun, queen breaker, etc.

C Tier Exotic Weapons!

And finally the Destiny 2 season 18 Exotic weapons December 2023 for Tier C will be, the legend of acrius, the jade rabbit, sweet business, cryosthesia 77k, Cerberus, bore alis, cold heart, Prometheus lens, graviton Lance, truth, Darci, two tailed fox gun, worldline, salvation grip, Leviathan’s breath bow, etc.

All these will end the Destiny 2 season of Plunder C tier Exotic Weapons list and tier for Aug December 2023, as season 18 in Destiny 2 from Bungie has more and more new exotic and other guns,

Expect some shuffle and major changes in the Destiny 2 season 18 Exotic Tier list for December 2023. From our Destiny 2 exotic tier list Aug December 2023, pick out some of the powerful and wonderful exotic guns incorporated by Bungie for the incumbent Destiny 2 Season 18/season of Plunder.

So this our Destiny 2 season 18 exotic weapons Tier list for Aug and Sep December 2023 in the Destiny 2 season 18 gets done, all Tier Exotic weapons and for both PVP and PVE In Destiny 2 are covered from our Destiny 2 exotic tier list for Aug December 2023 month, pick out the best Exotic Destiny 2 weapons now in the season of Plunder or season 18 on Destiny 2.

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