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Destiny 3 Rumors – Fact On It!

Destiny 3 Rumors, The leaks are telling us that the error of Destiny 2 is going to come to an end. Many players are confused about whether Destiny 3 rumors are true or not. Some of us are saying that destiny 2 is going to end after the final shape, and some are saying that it is going to continue. And I think the majority of the players are in a fever for Destiny 2.

However, in this article, we will dig for the truth and see whether the Destiny 3 rumors are true or not. In this article we will tell you what we find out after research so for full information of this year rumour keep reading this article. We will also tell you the reason behind these Destiny 3 rumors. So without any further delay, let’s drive into this article and find out the truth.

Destiny 3 Rumors

Is The Destiny 3 Rumors Is True Or Not?

I have seen many arguments related to this room about whether destiny 2 is going to be and after the final shape and the start of the destiny 3 era. And many players are hoping that Destiny 2 will continue. So let me tell you that Bonsa themselves confirmed that they are not going to release Destiny 3 and will stick with Destiny 2 as per now.

They already state that they will continue their destiny after the final shape. Even though they are recruiting new members for the development of Destiny 2, They give significant priority to Destiny 2, so there will be no chance for Destiny 3 as of now. The developers of the game state that they were pressured to make the third installment of Destiny.

It is possible to make Destiny 3, but by releasing the new part, the Destiny 2 team has to work on the characteristics and events, which means you will lose the complete loot from the year you were playing, and you have to start Destiny 3. And also, they will want more time to give you the best part if they are making Destiny 3, so it is not possible. And after the final shape, it would continue here with the content.

Destiny 3 Rumors

What Will Happen After The Final Shape?

Till now, we know destiny 2 will continue after the final shape. At the end of the first sadha, the game will continue with the new story and give you new challenges and new fights. The game announces that instead of seasons, they will release episodes with different new stories. Piche episodes have new stories, and you can play these stories separately so you don’t have to go continuously.

Which means you don’t have to worry if you lose in any episode. This system will be released after the end of 2023, so you have to wait for a while. As the game developer, I totally focus on the final shape to make this first saga a success. They don’t want that it will become The Light Full Story, which does not fully meet expectations.

Destiny 3 Rumors


Finally, it has been established that the Destiny 3 remarks are not entirely false, but they are unlikely to occur. So you don’t need to worry about the Destiny 2 ending. Continue playing the game and finish the final shape, the first saga. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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