Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Complete Guide Latest 2023

In the expansive world of Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel, a captivating Souls-like action role-playing game crafted by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz Games, players encounter a multitude of collectible items, each with its own mysterious charm. Among these enigmatic artifacts, the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel stands out. This small, intricately designed metal container houses a complex mechanism concealed within its sealed exterior. 

Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Complete Guide Latest 2023

While the vessel itself cannot be unlocked, it carries within it a concealed clue that can only be unraveled with the help of Venigni, a knowledgeable merchant and scholar. Venigni can be located within the confines of the Hotel Krat in the Malum District, and he holds the key to deciphering the secrets hidden within the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. To embark on the journey of unraveling the mysteries contained within the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. 

Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Players must initiate a conversation with Venigni and entrust him with the vessel. Venigni, with his vast knowledge and analytical prowess, will dedicate some time to the study of this peculiar artifact. Upon completing his analysis, he will return the vessel to the player, now accompanied by a deciphered clue. This clue, presented in the form of a riddle, holds the key to unveiling the treasure associated with the vessel. The decrypted riddle for the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel unfolds as follows:

  • “Seek the prow of the ship of steel,
  • Beneath the frozen feast,
  • Where the flames dance and the gears turn,
  • The treasure lies, waiting to be earned.”

To translate this enigma into actionable steps, players must commence their journey to the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer. This monumental structure is prominently situated within the Arche Abbey District. While the stargazer may bear the scars of time, with many of its mechanical components lying in disrepair, it still offers a path to the hidden treasure.

More about Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Lies of P

Once players arrive at the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer, they should navigate their way to the first floor. This can be achieved by ascending a ladder tucked away in one of the rear rooms within the area. Upon reaching the first floor, players will find themselves within a grand chamber, replete with multiple pathways branching off in various directions. To decode the riddle and unveil the treasure’s location, players must follow the path leading to the prow of stargazer. 

The prow, often associated with the front of a ship, is composed of steel, and players need only proceed straight ahead to reach it. Upon reaching the prow of the stargazer, players should cast their gaze downward. There, beneath the “Frozen Feast” item in their inventory, a chest awaits discovery. This chest contains the coveted treasure associated with the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. The treasure concealed within the chest is a “Frozen Feast,” a consumable item with the dual capacity to restore health and stamina. 

Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Complete Guide Latest 2023

Lies of P Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Tips & Tricks

Additionally, it holds substantial value, making it a sought-after commodity among merchants willing to pay a premium price. To assist in your quest for unraveling this intricate riddle, here are some valuable tips:

Thorough Exploration: If you find yourself puzzled by the riddle, consider embarking on a meticulous exploration of the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer. The area is replete with subtle hints and clues that can guide you towards the treasure. Notably, a sign near the stargazer’s entrance conspicuously reads, “Seek the prow of the ship of steel,” providing a clear pointer to the treasure’s location.

Consult NPCs: Interactions with other non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game world may also provide valuable clues about the treasure’s whereabouts. Venigni himself, if asked, will offer hints related to the riddle.

Online Resources: If you find yourself stumped despite your best efforts, there are online resources available that provide the solution to the riddle. However, it’s essential to consider whether you want to forego the satisfaction of unraveling the mystery independently.

Solving the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel riddle in “Lies of P” is a gratifying endeavor. It necessitates careful exploration of the game world and employs your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So, venture forth, brave adventurer, and unlock the mysteries concealed within the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel, for the world of “Lies of P” holds many more secrets waiting to be uncovered.

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