Lies Of P Belle Quest Part 2 – How To Complete It?

Lies of P Belle Quest: After defeating the Corrupted Parade Master and collecting information on Antonia in part 1 of Lies of P Belle Quest now you can talk to belle in part 2. Lies of P Belle Quest part 2 is the side quest, As to get the rewards you have to complete the it. And the quest it your decision what rewards you want. This Belle Quest in Lies of P is going to be interesting one.

And here in this article we will go to shear you the keypoint of the part 2 of Lies of P Belle Quest. In this article we will discuss what is the objective of Lies of P Belle Quest part 1 and how to complete it in step by step guide. So keep reading this article and know to win the rewards, Now without any further delay let’s start the article.

Lies of P Belle Quest

Lies of P Belle Quest Part 2 Walkthrough:-

When you gather all the information of Antonia you will able to talk with Belle. Because Belle is looking for her friend Antonia, who has missing. She will give to the task to find him for her. And to complete the Lies of P Belle quest have to kill Antonia which she is look for.

And after killing him to have to return to the Belle and you will have two choices first is telling lies to Belle and tell truth to Belle. And the rewards is decided by your decision, so play it carefully. As the Lies of P Bella quest Part 2 is the side mission that you can start early in the game but will not be able to complete until later on.

Lies of P Belle Quest

Step by Step guide to complete the Lies of P Bella quest Part 2:-

To start the quest, talk with Belle in the Grand Exhibition Gallery. She will request that you find her missing partner, Atkinson.

To get a letter, head to Krat Central Station and talk with the NPC there. This letter will inform you that Atkinson works at the Clocktower Factory.

Travel to the Clocktower Factory as well as fight your way to the top of the tower, defeating the opponents along the way.

Defeat Atkinson on the roof at the Clocktower Factory. Then return to the Grand Exhibition Gallery and speak with Belle to finish the quest.

You may either lie to Belle or tell her the real story of what happened to Atkinson. If you lie to her, she is going to be thankful, but you will also be rewarded. If you tell her the truth, she will be ruined but she will respect your honesty.

Lies of P Belle Quest

Rewards of Lies of P Belle Quest:-

  • Lies to Belle: Why Record
  • Telling the Real Story to Belle: Belle’s Necklace

Lies of P Belle Quest

It is completely up to you whether you will lie to Belle or tell her the truth. Tell her the truth if you want to be honest with her. However, if you want the Why Record, you have to lie to her.

The Why Record is a deadly weapon that can be used to fight powerful opponents. It nevertheless does come at a cost: it slowly destroys your humanity.


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