The First Descendant Bunny Code: Full Guide!

The First Descendant Bunny code is not a hard obstacles to find. If you get it then Bunny charater will be yours. As we all know about this challenge to get the First Descendant Bunny build we will medd code.

And here in this article we will guide you to get The First Descendant Bunny code. We will also tell you about the interesting thing about this character. So let’s dive into the article and know all about it.

The First Descendant Bunny code

What Is The First Descendant Bunny Code?

The First Descendant Bunny code is the key to get the Bunny charater. And to get the Bunny code in The First Descendant you have to first complete few challenges. You will need Bunny Enhanced Cells, Bunny Stabilizer and Bunny Spiral Catalystm to get the code.

If you collect all this items then you have to go in specific place (which we disclose in our guide below) and the code will display in your screen. Once you get the code you have to research bunny at Anais in Albion.

The First Descendant Bunny code

Guide To Get The First Descendant Bunny Code:-

Of you want to get The First Descendant Bunny Build then follow this guide. You will get The First Descendant Bunny code and also learn how to get the character.

Complete the subquest Bunny Crafting Training Stage: To begin the Bunny Crafting Training Stage subquest, talk with Seneca in Albion. She will assign you a task and instruct you on how to achieve a set of objectives. The objectives are straightforward and uncomplicated, and you should be able to fulfill them without too much difficulty.

Defeat the Gravewalker boss in a Void Intercept Battle to get the Bunny Code: After you finish the subquest Bunny Crafting Training Stage, you will be able to face the Gravewalker boss at the Void Intercept Battle. The Gravewalker boss is a difficult opponent, but if you are well-prepared, you will be able to defeat him. Talk to Seneca in Albion once again to get the entry to the Void Intercept Battle.

After defeating the Gravewalker boss, you will have the opportunity to get the Bunny Code. Since the Bunny Code is a very rare drop, getting it may take some time. You can try again if you do not get the Bunny Code the first time you take down the Gravewalker boss.

The First Descendant Bunny code

Collect the Bunny Stabilizer, Bunny Enhanced Cells, and Bunny Spiral Catalyst: To unlock Bunny, you will also need the following goods in addition to the Bunny Code. These things can be obtained by completing objective and defeating rivals. Apart from that, you will require 100,000 gold. luckily it will just cost you that amount in beta. When it is released, the cost is likely to rise to up to 300,000 gold.

Bunny can be found at Anais in Albion: After collecting all of the necessary items, you can research Bunny at Anais in Albion. To do so, talk with Anais and choose the Research option. Then, from the list of available Descendants, choose Bunny. The research procedure will take some time, but once completed, you will be able to choose Bunny as your Descendant from the Descendant menu.

The First Descendant Bunny code

The First Descendant Bunny Build:-

Bunny is a Descendant in The First Descendant, a free third-person cooperative action RPG shooting game. She is a quick and agile character with an unique collection of skills and powers. The First Descendant Bunny Build is a wonderful pick for those that like to play aggressively and quickly. Bunny can also add a number of weapons and equipment to fit her playstyle. She is an agile Descendant who can be used in a variety of ways.

Bunny is a popular pick among The First Descendant players due to her high damage output and mobility. She’s also a wonderful option for players looking to play a character with a distinct set of skill and abilities.


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