How to complete Rock the cradle Payday 3? – Isn’t Showing Invitation to bouncer?

One of the mission called Rock the cradle Payday 3 don’t show invitation to tue bouncer. This problem is causing to every player how is playing the game, so don’t worry if you think you are alone. This reason of the Rock the cradle Payday 3 is unknown but the developers are try to fix it.

So in the meantime we will get you the solution which may fix the problem and you can able to do Rock the cradle hiest in Payday 3. And here in this article we will discuss Rock the cradle Payday 3 and how to complete with steps.

Rock the cradle Payday 3

Why the invitation to the bouncer isn’t showing in Rock the cradle Payday 3?

A known bug in Payday 3 is not being able to give your invitation to the bouncer in Rock the Cradle. The developers are currently looking into it, and an answer is expected to be issued in a future version.

The exact reason of the issue in Rock the Cradle where you cannot reveal the invite to the bouncer is unknown. However, it is most likely due to a problem with the game’s scripting or interaction system.

The developers are yet to disclose the root cause of the bug or how they aim to fix it. They have, however, acknowledged the problem and said that they are currently working on a fix.

Rock the cradle Payday 3

How to fix Rock the cradle Payday 3 isn’t show invitation to the bouncer?

The fix for the Payday 3 Rock the Cradle problem in which you are unable to show your invitation to the bouncer is to simply exit the game and restart it before trying the quest again. This must fix the bug, allowing you to display the Invitation to the Bouncer and complete the job correctly.

If you want to get the Party Crasher trophy, you have to finish the mission without the VIP Invitation in stealth on Hard or higher challenges. This shows that in this case, you cannot apply the workaround to repair the bug.

Rock the cradle Payday 3

Rock the cradle Payday 3 walkthrough:-

Rock the Cradle Payday 3 fourth mission in the game. It is a loud-only operation, therefore stealth is not an option. The mission’s objective is to steal a shipment of gold and diamonds from a highly guarded location.

The crew begins the task by entering the warehouse and infiltrating the perimeter. Once inside, they must battle their way past multiple groups of guards to get to the vault with the gold and jewels.

When the crew gets at the vault, they must use explosives to break it open. The group must quickly collect the money and jewelry and exit the warehouse once the vault is opened.

Rock the Cradle is a difficult quest, but it is also extremely rewarding. The gold and jewelry that are stole from the warehouse are extremely valuable, and the team will benefit greatly from the robbery.

Rock the cradle Payday 3

How to complete Rock the cradle in Payday 3?

Here are the steps to complete the Rock the cradle Payday 3:

Step 1 – Infiltrate the warehouse:

  • Infiltrate the warehouse by first taking out the guards at the front door.
  • When the entrance is clear, you can either enter through the front door or jump over the fence on the warehouse’s side.
  • If you decide to enter through the front door, be wary of the guards who patrol the lobby.

Step 2 – Fight your way to the vault:

  • Once inside the warehouse, you must fight your way through multiple groups of guards in order to reach the vault.
  • Use the surroundings to help you and work as a team to bring down the guards.
  • Be careful of guards who are armed with powerful weapons.

Step 3 – Open the vault and steal the gold and jewels:

  • When you arrived at the vault, you must use explosives to break it open.
  • Collect the gold and diamonds as soon as the vault is opened.
  • Keep an eye out for the guards who are patrolling the vault area.

Step 4 – Escape the warehouse:

  • You needs to run the warehouse once you get all all the money and diamonds.
  • There are many paths to escape, so pick the one that works best for your team.
  • Keep an eye out for the guards that patrol the warehouse’s perimeter.


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