MLBB Advance Server iOS: Avoid These Mistakes in 2023

The iOS version of the MLBB Advance Server is now available for players to enjoy. Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a mobile game played by people all, over the world. With the MLBB Advance Server iOS players have access to new features that are still in the testing phase of development.

In this article, we will provide information about the MLBB Advance Server for iOS. Since it is still in beta players can try it out. Play the game before it becomes available to everyone. This gives you a chance to provide feedback to the developers helping them address any bugs or issues before they release the update, to the public.

MLBB Advance Server iOS: A Detailed Information

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android. MLBB was released in 2016 by Moontoon Company with the help of the Unity engine. Though the game became popular in 2020 in South Asia countries, the Indian government banned the game in 2020 for privacy reasons.

Players can test out new features and content on the MLBB Advance Server before they are made available to the general public. New heroes, skins, maps, and game types are included in this. The chance to offer input to the developers on the new features is also given to players.

MLBB Advance Server iOS

How to sign up for the MLBB Advance Server iOS

The MLBB Advance Server iOS can be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Open your Mobile Legends game to submit a server application to experience the update. Open the Mobile Legends app and navigate to the Customer Care section. Next, select Applying for Advanced Server under Frequently Asked Questions. To apply for the server, simply follow the steps.
  2. Accept a Moonton invitation. On occasion, Moonton will choose gamers at random and offer them invites to join the Advance Server. Players can get the Advance Server app from the TestFlight app store to get an invitation.

MLBB Advance Server iOS requirements:

Players must fulfil the criteria to sign up for the MLBB Advance Server iOS:

  • An iOS device running iOS 15 or later is required.
  • An active Apple ID is required to apply.
  • A minimum age of 13 is required as per the game rule.

MLBB Advance Server iOS


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Advantages of MLBB Advance Server iOS:

The MLBB Advance Server iOS has several advantages:

  • Players have access to new features and content before anyone else.
  • Players give feedback to the developers to fix bugs.
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be improved through feedback.
  • As an advanced server tester, you can receive exclusive benefits.

The MLBB Advance Server iOS has some problems:

A few disadvantages of using the MLBB Advance Server iOS include:

  • Players can experience game crashes & bugs while playing the game.
  • The new features may not be able to give stability to the game.
  • Players’ gaming progress on the Advance Server won’t transfer to the main server.

The MLBB Advance Server is a fantastic way to gain early access to new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features and content. Players can join the server to improve the game.

MLBB Advance Server iOS

Some Tips Before Joining:

  • There are a limited number of slots available, apply as soon as possible.
  • Verify that iOS 15 or a later version is installed on your iOS device.
  • When registering for the server, use a genuine Apple ID.
  • Be patient; it can take a while before you get an invitation.


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