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Fortnite x One Piece Confirmed Leaks and Info Here!

There is good news: Netflix released the teaser for Fortnite x One Piece. That means One Piece is going to collaborate with Fortnite. The wait is over for the fans of One Piece and Fortnite who want to see both in one place. I saw the tweet recently, and they added the map and gave the vote to join and play in the map.

One Piece x Fortnite

I know you all are excited, and some of you have started playing on the map. You have lots of questions related to the Fortnite x One Piece collab, like what skin we’re going to see in this collaboration. What items, cosmetics, and themes are we going to see in Fortnite x One Piece? So here in this article, we will answer all your questions and tell you everything you want to know.

One Piece x Fortnite

Fortnite x One Piece Collaboration:-

In the teaser of the Fortnite x One Piece collaboration, I didn’t see the straw-hat pirate crew member and Luffy. I just heard the voice of Luffy saying, “Fire back at them, and nothing’s going to stand in our way. But since this is Fortnite x One Piece, you may be seeing Luffy and your favorite characters in this collaboration.

One Piece x Fortnite

In the Onepiece Netflix tweet, they gave us a message and also the creative map code. You can see what the tweet says.

“Will you pull off a daring escape as a Straw Hat pirate or bring order to the sea as a Marine? Get your swords and pistols ready for an epic showdown on Fortnite. Join us to play the map with Code: 7374-8187-1871 “.

One Piece x Fortnite

This will be so much fun because in the ongoing episode of One Piece, Luffy is going to defeat Kaido and become the king of the pirates. The hype for One Piece is so high, and Fortnite is taking advantage of it. And recently, the movie One Piece was released. And I think this One Piece-Fortnite collab is going to be a fun and exciting event in the game.

Fortnite x One Piece: Skin:-

As we know from the teaser and tweet of Fortnite x One Piece, we get the code of the map in which we have to play. But it is unclear which skin, character, and cosmetics will be part of this collaboration. I think the skin of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Nami will come from this collaboration. Because there are main characters in One Piece.

Fortnite x One Piece

Since every member of the Straw Hat crew is famous (Brook, Franky, Chopper, and Usopp), everyone has their favorite character, which they want to see as a skin in this Fortnite x One Piece collaboration. Other than that, there are many more characters that I think we all love, like Trafalgar Law and others. Let’s see what we will get in this One Piece collaboration, but Luffy’s skin will definitely be in this event.

See, the things I am going to say are just speculation. They are just what I am expecting from this Fortnite x One Piece. If these skins and Cosmetics are not available, don’t be too angry.

One Piece x Fortnite

Fortnite x One Piece Theme Event and Cosmetics:-

In addition to skins, One Piece-themed cosmetics such as gliders, pickaxes, and emotes may be released. As Fortnite is known for its crossover events, and it would be great to see a One Piece-themed event in the game. This could include a special map, challenges, and rewards.

One Piece x Fortnite


In the end, I just want to say that this is confirmation that the Fortnite x One Piece collaboration is happening; what we will get is unknown. So wait for the announcement and enjoy the event. And if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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