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BattleBit Remastered Patch Notes: September 7 Update Adds New Weapons, Maps, and Fixes Bugs

So hello guys in this article we will tell you everything with detailed information about the battle bit remastered patch notes in a professional manner. We will tell you and give you all the related information, changes and new updates about the battle bit remasted. Also, we will provide you with all the detailed patch notes in a very simplified and detailed manner which can give you all the related updates about the battle-bit remasted game.

If you want the full detailed information about the battlebit remastered patch notes you need to read this article full to get to know more about it. As you all know that fans have been always excited about the battle bit remaster version of the game and they all were eagerly waiting for the update too. So here we are to provide you all the battle-bit remastered patch notes with the latest update which will excite the fans more to play the game as the new updates mentioned in patch notes are so fantastic.

Battlebit Remastered Patch Notes

Read the article further ahead to get the whole information about Battlebit remastered patch notes so let’s get started with the patch notes.

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Battle Bit Remastered Patch Notes With A New Healing Method, Changes in the Map and A New Vehicle

So the new battle bit remastered patch notes have been published and some noticeable changes are very important for every player of battle bit remastered. The latest update of battle bit remastered patch notes is very good and extensive as it also adds a new healing method in the game which is very fantastic. This healing method will be available to all levels of players and all classes in the game as mentioned in the battlebit remastered patch notes.

Battlebit Remastered Patch Notes

There are also two new map reworks which are modified in the game to make the map more interesting for all of the players. As the game players used to feel bored in the old version map but now they have made precious changes and add-ons in the map reworks of battlebit remastered patch notes.

The players can also expect many improvements in the gameplay and lag fixes have also been added to the battle bit remastered game. They have optimized the game for low-end players so they can also enjoy the game with low specs on their devices with some minor adjustments in battle bit remastered game.

The New Major Updates in Battlebit Remastered Patch Notes

  • From now onwards in the new battle bit, remastered patch notes the game will never auto-lock the squads when a party member is reserved in the squad or makes an invite to join in the party. The auto-lock feature is disabled instead of any non-party member will be forced to change their places in the squad if the party is already reserved in the joining server in the new battle-bit remastered patch notes.
  • Improved detection for targeting the knocked-down players for bandaging or reviving them in new battle-bit remastered patch notes.
  • The progression curve will also be easy after level 15 if the players keep the time to maintain the consistency of the progression curve in the newBattlebitt remastered patch notes
  • The empty transport vehicles such as boats will no longer give points to the players when they will be destroyed in the new battle bit remastered.
  • The clan’s submission will open only if the players met the clan joining requirements of minimum prestige 1 in the new battle bit remastered patch notes.
  • The issue of the 100 clan invitation limitation is now fixed in the new battle bit remastered patch notes updates have mentioned it.

So these were all the new updates of battle bit remastered patch notes thank you for reading the article here.


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