How to Get GW2 Fractal Push Achievement?

The GW2 Fractal Push achievement is great for players. The achievement says, “Help push toward the fractal of Droknar’s Light.” It’s unclear what this means, but some Reddit users have suggested that completing optional objectives in the fractals may help you get near to this achievement.

But many of us don’t know the process or guide to getting a GW2 fractal push. So here in this article, we will tell you the guide to earning the GW2 Fractal Push achievement and also explain what GW2 Fractal Push is. So if you want to know how to earn GW2 Fractal Push, then keep reading this article. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

GW2 Fractal Push

What is GW2 Fractal Push Achievement?

Guild Wars 2 Fractal Push is an achievement, which is part of the Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 Mastery. To get this GW2 Fractal Push achievement, you have to help in pushing Droknar’s Light toward the fractal during the fifth chapter of the tale.

The GW2Fractal Push achievement is a little difficult to get because there is a more objective that can prevent you from getting it. The optional objective is to get essences, but completing this objective will stop you from getting the Fractal Push achievement.


GW2 Fractal Push

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How To Get GW2 Fractal Push Achievement?

To get the GW2 Fractal Push achievement, you need to compy the following missions:

  1. Start the fifth chapter of the story Secrets of the Obscure.
  2. Complete the first instance of the story (the talking phase).
  3. Do not complete the optional objective of collecting essences.
  4. Kill mobs and complete events to help with the meta event.
  5. When you reach the fractal of Droknar’s Light, the achievement will be unlocked.

GW2 Fractal Push

Do not complete the optional objective of collecting essences. This is because the optional objective will fill up the green bar, which is used to track your progress towards the Droknar’s Light fractal. You will not be able to get the achievements if the green bar is full before you reach the fractal of Droknar’s Light.

To avoid completing the optional mission, simply ignore the essences that enemies drop. You may also help to the meta event by killing mobs and completing events which don’t involve collecting essences.

If you’re having trouble getting the GW2 Fractal Push achievement, you can ask for help from other players. There are usually many players who can help you with the meta event. So you should be able to find someone to help you in completing it.

GW2 Fractal Push


In the end of the article I just want to tell you that, follow the instructions given above. Read it carefully before starting to get GW2 Fractal Push achievement. Also this is the only information we got, if we get more information about it we will update this article so bookmark it to know more.

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