How To Get Vasto Rage Peroxide? – Full Guide!

How To Get Vasto Rage Peroxide: Vasto Rage Peroxide is the powerful ability that every player wants in the Roblox game. But is not the thing that can be easily obtained. You have to complete some difficult tasks to get his Vasto Rage Peroxide ability. Peroxide is the new game in Roblox, which is created on the theme of the famous anime Bleach.

It is based on the Bleach anime, and some of the power is also related to this manga, if you are an anime fan. The power of Vasto Rage Peroxide is incredible, and everyone is trying to get it. So here in this article, we will give you a guide on how to get Vasto Rage Peroxide.

In this guide, we will explain the instructions step by step. If you want this Peroxide Vasto Rage, then keep reading this article. Now, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

How to get Vasto Rage Peroxide

How To Get Vasto Rage Peroxide?

If you want to know how to get Vasto Rage Peroxide, then follow this step carefully.

  1. Reach the maximum Wizard level. To do this, you have to defeat Hollows and collect Spirit Orbs. Hollows can be found in Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town. You can get Spirit Orbs by defeating Hollows and completing tasks.
  2. Use a Hogyoku to skip the Destiny. Hogyoku is a type of item that can be used to skip the Destiny. The Destiny is the process in which Hollows become Arrancars. To get a Hogyoku, fight the Hogyoku Menos Grande boss.
  3. Kill 20-50 Vasto Lorde NPCs. Vasto Lorde NPCs are strong Hollows found in Hueco Mundo. To kill a Vasto Lorde NPC, you have to be at a high level and have excellent gears. After killing 20-50 Vasto Lorde NPCs, you will get the urge to kill more.
  4. In step 4 you have to Kill 20-50 more Vasto Lorde NPCs, You have to kill another 20-50 Vasto Lorde NPCs after you’ve got the urge to kill. You will be able get Vasto Rage Peroxide.
  5. Talk with the NPC Ranbura/Rambler in Karakura Town. Ranbura/Rambler NPC may be found near the park in Karakura Town. After talking with him, he will give you task to kill random Hollow with a random name.
  6. Kill the random Hollow that Ranbura/Rambler NPC assigns you. As the random Hollow assigned to you by Ranbura/Rambler NPC will be in Hueco Mundo. Once you have killed the Hollow, then you will get Vasto Rage Peroxide.

How to get Vasto Rage Peroxide

What is Vasto Rage Peroxide?

Vasto Rage Peroxide is a powerful skill in the Roblox game, and you can get it by completing certain requirements. It is a transformation ability that gives you an incredible boost in power and speed. Once you get Vasto Rage Peroxide, yoy have to activate it by pressing the V key.

When you activated, your body will be covered in a black and red energy. And your hair will also grow longer and more spiky. However your stats will be greatly improved in Vasto Rage Peroxide form. You will also get the use of a new set of powers. Here are the skills and power of Peroxide Vasto Rage.

How to get Vasto Rage Peroxide

  • Cero Oscuras: A strong burst of energy able to destroying all in its path.
  • Bala: A smaller, faster version of Cero Oscuras.
  • Sonido: A quickly speed method that allows the player to teleport short distances.
  • Desgarron: A powerful slash attack that can slash through anything.

How to get Vasto Rage Peroxide


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