BG3 patch 1 patch notes – All New Latest Updates!

BG3 patch 1 patch notes have been released. Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 1 patch #1 patch notes are already out. Many new bugs in the game have been fixed too. Players can freely play the game from now.

Baldurs Gate 3 patch 1 with the latest notes are available for you all. Balduers Gate 3 patch notes for this week are already out too.

BG3 patch 1 patch notes – All New Latest Updates!

Here are all the latest patch notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 here from our GA guide here,

BG3 patch 1 patch notes

  • The Emperor will no longer leave you stranded alone at the majestic Morphic Pool during all combat.
  • Players who are starting to use the boat to go to the Morphic Pool, sending that character to camp, and then using another character to make the journey will never longer block you from progressing.
  • listening in on a conversation as Player 1 and then exiting the dialogue prematurely will not allow players to interact with anything anymore and this is also fixed too now
  • Another issue has been fixed that has been causing the Reaction UI function incorrectly and potentially block progress in combat if you save the game in the middle of a reaction.
  • Attacking an NPC during a dialogue after being Downed results in an arrest and before it was prompting a Game Over screen.
  • Fixed an issue where BG3 characters are stuck in an infinite falling loop.
  • Fixed another bug that’s also brought the  Game Over screen after helping Downed party members.
  • Made gold bounties more generous to all containers in all locations too.
  • Also the patch update Increased players’ HP levels and bonus in the game’s Explorer Mode from +50% to +100% and this is super exciting too
  • The Club of Hill Giant Strength will rise your Strength to 19 and not some puny 15.
  • Fixed another bug  issue for ranged enemies reapplying Hunter’s Mark constantly, even when not needed as well too
  • Warlocks’ Pact of the Chain summons are now allowed to unleash extra attacks multiple times too
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes spotting you even if they’re not allowed that with that option in the game too
  • Fixed the modesty filter not working on dragonborns from the latest updates
  • earrings on tiefling female strong character models is fixed as well
  • Also added a Controller Style option, which allows you to override which controller’s icons are displayed.
  • Traders who stock dyes now will be able to close the stock dye remover too
  • Made Lady Esther available to trade with but only once you completed all her quests.
  • Improved Volo’s aim during your ice pick lobotomy too
  • Made sure Wyll has room to dance no matter where you’re camping in the game
  • You are not allowed to climb longer the Shambling Mound.
  • Fixed a crash that will arrive when destroying projectiles.
  • Fixed a crash that comes when the Sunlit Wetlands illusion dropped.
  • Fixed multiple issues like in a multiplayer game, a client leaves a game during a roll in a dialogue.
  • Githyanki will now move position when Crèche Y’llek turns hostile in all battles
  • Harper Donner now gets the Ability scores and proficiencies of a proper wizard.

BG3 patch 1 patch notes These are all the latest patch notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 #Patch 1 currently.

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