Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Step By Step Guide!

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an action-adventure game released in 2023 by Electronic Arts and created by Team Reptile. The game takes place in a futuristic city, where players take control of a graffiti artist who uses spray cans to tag walls, grind on rails, and perform tricks.

Rave is a playable character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Rave is a young graffiti artist indicated for her vibrant and fashionable style. She is a member of the style Masters, a group of graffiti artists dedicated to bringing art and style to Neo-Cyberfunk City’s streets.

However If we have to add her and play as Rave then we will have to find her and unlock Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Rave. If you don’t know where to find and how to unlock then stay in this article we will shear you complete guide to unlock it.

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

What Is Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a powerful graffiti artist with a unique set of abilities. She can quickly and easily tag walls, as well as do tricks and combos to reach high locations and tag difficult-to-reach walls. Rave is also a skilled dancer who frequently uses her dancing to express herself and her art.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Rave can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges given to you by her. The first challenge is to tag a train’s side. Rave will give you another challenge after you have tagged the train. The challenge will need her to race to a certain area. Rave will join your crew if you win the race.

You can play as Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in any mode once you’ve unlocked her. Rave is a strong character for players that wish to express themself through graffiti. She’s also a lot of fun to play as, and she’s a great asset to any team.

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Cyberfunk Rave Bomb Rush Location:-

Rave is not found in any single location in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. She is a playable character that may be unlocked by completing a number of challenges she give.

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk can be found in a few different locations around the game world. She is frequently seen in the Verdum Hills subway station or wandering in the city. You can also find Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk by completing specific challenges or playing online multiplayer games.

How to Unlock Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

To unlock Rave in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you have to complete a series of challenges given to you by her. The challenges are as follows:

  1. Tag the side of a train.
  2. Race Rave to a specific location.
  3. Take a photo of Rave in three different locations.
  4. Complete a graffiti challenge.

Rave will join your crew once you finish all of the trials. After that, you can play as her in any mode.

Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk


In Rave Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fantastic character. She is a talented graffiti artist with a one-of-ma kind set of skills. She is also an excellent dancer and a lot of fun to play as. Rave is a great option if you want a character who can show their creativity and style through graffiti.

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