Complete Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 Event: Full Guide!

Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 is an important event in Genshin Impact Version 4.0. It is the event with three game modes which we learn further in this article. This article will provide the details of the Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 event, including how to join, the many game modes, and the awards available to players. We will also give you tips and tricks to complete the event faster.

Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0

What Is Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0?

As we know Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 is a major event in Genshin Impact Version 4.0. It is a three-part event with three different game modes: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena, and when all three are completed, you will get rewards.

Players with Adventure Rank 20 or higher are eligible for the Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 event. It will take place between August 24 and September 13, 2023. By completing event challenges, players may get event currency known as Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings.

Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, and a free copy of the 4-star character Bennet can all be received by exchanging Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings in Mega Meka Melee Event Genshin impact.

Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0

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All Three Game Mode In Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0:-

Here you will get all the information on thus three part Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0 event.

Dance Dance Resolution: Dance Dance Resolution is a rhythm game in which you control a toy robot and try to destroy as many slime puppets as you can within the time limit. Slime puppets are classified into three types: yellow for regular tap destroy, blue for hold tap or charged attack destroy, and green for dual side normal tap destroy.

Torrential Turbulent Charge: This is a deep-diving time trial challenge in which you have to get at your target within the time limit. Because there are speed boosters and obstacles along the road, you must carefully control your falling speed and direction.

Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0

Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena: This is a combat challenge mode in which you must pay attention to the pneuma and ousia alignment of enemy energy states in order to deal with them properly.

How To Participate In Mega Meka Melee Event Genshin Impact?

Here are the step-by-step instructions for participating in the Mega Meka Melee event Genshin Impact:

  • You must be Adventure Rank 20 or higher.
  • Go to the Lyonnais Quarter in the Court of Fontaine.
  • To start the event, speak with Lechots.
  • Select one of the three game modes: Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena, Torrential Turbulent Charge, or Dance Dance Resolution.
  • To get Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings, complete the task.
  • At the event shop, you can exchange your enigmatic copper mainsprings for rewards.

The Mega Meka Melee event is thrilling and difficult, but it also offers fantastic rewards. Make sure to take part and test your abilities.

Mega Meka Melee Fontaine 4.0


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