Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test: First Impressions

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test is starting today. The trailblazers who want to join in the test run are requested by the hoyoverse to join immediately. This process is also called recruitment by the company, but it is not actual job recruitment; it is only the test run.

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test: About the game.

Honkai Star Rail is an open world turn by turn-based game developed by Hoyoverse, In the recent update 1.3 Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins has a new playable character that player want play with like Kafka, jing yuan, etc that players like and want to pull the character in their limited banner. The is based on Android and ios and Windows.

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test: PS5 test date

At launch, the game is only with Android, iOS, and Windows but recently Hoyoverse decided to make an official announcement on lunch it on PS5. Interested people who want to join the game and test all the things have to go through the site and register for the game.

It is starting from 23 August at a particular time in every server for UK and Europe it is at 3 am and 4 am.


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Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test:-About New Version

Honkai Star rail 1.3, subtitled Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins, has 3 new playable characters one of them is Aurum Alley from Exalting Sanctum, and there are upgrades from the simulated universe and all the enhancements from all the universe.

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test

About the story

In the game on the 1.3 update Jing Yuan and Dan Heng go out to stop Phantylia once and for all and try to resolve the Ambrosial Arbor crisis. Then there is Aurum Alley with them and the trailblazer helps them to reshape their destiny and bring the all glory to the hub.

All the simulated universes will get an advantage in The Swarm Disaster. It will help uncover the history and all the fights between Tayzzyronth and other Aeons, players have to go through all the adventures and unlock all the ruins.

Apart from all the sits Star Rail is available, they announce there a new version of ps5 players in Q4 of 2023, with the help of cross-save and cross-play functions.

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test: FAQ

There are some frequently asked questions we get from the player we want to maintain

About technical test

  1. How to sign up for the trial?

Ans- Players need to go through the page of star rail announcement and there they get a sign-up link for the ps5 test.

2. The deadline for test requirements?

Ans-The deadline is on 2023/8/28 at 10:00 (UTC+8) for all the players who want to participate.

3. How participants are going to be selected for the process.

Ans-The Hoyoverse crew will be randomly selected based on all the information provided on the test invitation page after selection player will get a link from the team.

Children are not allowed in the prosses because they are protected by the law.


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