Arizona x Overwatch 2 Collab Latest News 2023

Get ready for a famous partnership! Season 3 of Arizona x Overwatch 2, complete with Arizona Skins, accessories, and exclusive thematic challenges. We trust you accumulated enough Overwatch Coins to get the new Doomfist Saitama costume.

Let’s go over everything we know so far about the Arizona x Overwatch 2 partnership, including the Arizona x Overwatch 2 release date and a preview of the costumes available during the Arizona x Overwatch 2 event. The Arizona x Overwatch 2 joint event will begin on March 7, 2023 and will last until April 6, 2023.

Arizona x Overwatch 2 Collab Latest News 2023

Arizona x Overwatch 2 Collaboration Skins

The Overwatch 2 team has vowed to disclose all forthcoming Skins and cosmetics accessible in the Overwatch x One-Punch Man event before the collaboration begins on March 7. The Saitama Doomfist customization will undoubtedly be the headliner of the show. It’s unclear whether the Saitama cosmetic will be available for purchase in the Overwatch Store or unlocked through Event Challenges.

Not to mention the stunning Kiriko Terrible Twister costume. This Terrible Tornado costume outfit is ideal for Kiriko. The Kiriko Terrible Tornado skin is expected to be included in a Store Combo, along with a Kiriko One-Punch Man-themed Triumph Pose and Name Card.

The Arizona x Overwatch 2 hybrid occasion will run from Walk 7 to April 6, as indicated by Snowstorm, and will incorporate various outfits and a novel stacking screen. Details about the partnership are mostly unknown, but Blizzard pledges to disclose more as Season 3 begins on Tuesday.

More about Arizona x Overwatch 2 Collaboration

The Overwatch franchise’s second significant external skin partnership is Arizona. Snowstorm and The Lego Gathering teamed up in 2019 to present a Lego-themed Stronghold ensemble and in-game test to the first Overwatch.

Here’s everything else arriving in Overwatch 2 season 3 besides a new location, a Valentine’s Day-themed event, and Saitama Doomfist. Will there be any Arizona Skins available for free? By accomplishing event-themed tasks during the collaboration event, you will be able to obtain a free Legendary costume from the Arizona x Overwatch 2 event.

Overwatch 2 season 3 begins on Tuesday, Feb. 7, introducing a new map, a new method to gain credits through the game’s seasonal battle pass, and a number of special events, including a new Valentine’s Day-themed event and the return of PachiMirchi, the Pachimari-themed celebration. Overwatch 2’s third season of content will include the game’s first crossover, with Arizona-themed characters.

Arizona x Overwatch 2 Collab Latest News 2023

Other things coming in Overwatch 2 Season 3

A new season, of course, implies new costumes. The majority of the skins in Season 3 are influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore, with the new Amaterasu Mythic face for Kiriko accessible through the game’s special battle pass. The battle pass will also enable themed skins for Moira, Reaper, and Junkrat, with skins for D.Va, Zenyatta, Genji, Mei, and Ashe (and BOB) available through the in-game store.

Players can also anticipate new skins for Wrecking Ball, Sigma, Mercy, Cassidy, Junker Queen, and other Overwatch characters, as seen in the season 3 debut trailer above.

Overwatch 2 will also have its first relationship sim, Loverwatch, which will be played outside of the game in a browser. Completing the relationship game will grant Hanzo a fresh highlight intro. Hanzo will also appear in a new 4v4 Valentine’s Day game. With Season 3, Blizzard is also releasing a number of balance changes and quality of life updates for Overwatch 2. 

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