Royale High Wall Code For Diamonds 2023: How To Get 3000 Diamonds?

Royale High Wall Code is a trending topic throughout the game. Everyone wants to get the Royale High codes to redeem the diamonds. The codes are actually the combination you have to make in order to open the door or chest. So it is up to you and your skills and mind to reap the rewards.

However, in this article, we will help you get your rewards. We will guide you to get Royale High wall codes, Royale High Codes for diamonds 2023, and Royale High campus 3 door code. Now, without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Royale High Wall Code

What is Royale high wall code?

The Royale High wall code is a unique three-digit number given to each server. It is used to open a hidden wall in the new campus that houses a chest with the paper plane talent. You can try different number combinations to find the wall code. Some popular combinations have been reported to work, like

  • 123
  • 234
  • 345

Royale High Wall Code

You can also try entering the numbers backwards. If you are not receiving any Royale High codes from sites, you can join a private server. Everyone on the server will have the same code, so you can simply find it by asking other players. Once you’ve discovered the Royale high wall code, enter it into the wall by clicking the proper buttons in the correct order. The wall will then break to reveal the chest.


Royale High campus 3 wall code:-

Each server’s wall code in Royale High is unique. It is a random combination of nine buttons that must be pressed in the correct order to unlock the wall. As there are no hints or ideas to help you in finding the code, you must simply keep trying different combinations until you locate the correct one. Begin with the most common numbers, such as:

  • 1238
  • 2345
  • 6789

Important Topics:-

Royale High Codes For diamonds 2023:

There is no Royale High Codes For diamonds 2023, yoy have to find the chest how have 3000 diamonds in it. And in this paragraph we will tell you how to get 3000 diamonds, just follow the instructions:

Royale High Wall Code

  • The chest is in the teachers lounge.
  • In order to access the teachers lounge, you must have achieved the sparkling star achievement.
  • You need to get to level 1500 to do that.
  • If you have this achievement on your teacher lounge keycard, then you are good to go.
  • Because of the chest in the teachers lounge.
  • After finding the teachers lounge, go straight to the school office.
  • You can just teleport there.
  • When you reach the teachers lounge, turn right towards the shelf.
  • You will see a small chest; just open it, and you will get 3000 diamonds.

Royale High Wall Code


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