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The 91 Club app offers users multiple ways to earn money – playing games, watching ads, completing tasks and through referrals. The referral program in particular can be an excellent source of passive income if leveraged correctly. However, it is important to first understand the commission structure thoroughly before promoting your referral link.

How it Works

During 91 Club app sign up, each user gets a unique referral code. This code can be shared with friends and family to invite them to download and register on the app. When they join using your code and complete activities like gameplays, deposits etc., you will earn referral bonus as commission. Commissions keep adding up as your referrals increase gameplay.

Multi-Level Commissions

This is what makes the 91 Club referral program truly lucrative. You not only earn when your direct referrals play, but also from indirect referrals. For example, when your direct referral invites someone else, who in turn invites more people, you earn commission across levels. The key is inviting serious players who remain active.

Commission Rates

The commission percentage you earn will depend on:

  • Level of referral – Higher for direct referrals, reducing for subsequent levels
  • Member tier – Increased rates for bronze, silver, gold members
  • Game/activity played – Highest for cash games like WIN GO, lowest for free games
  • Deposit amount – Higher deposit by referrals means higher commissions

As you can see, your earnings from referrals depend on several factors. Becoming a premium member increases potential earnings.

Payout Structure

Referral commissions are credited instantly when criteria are met, but payouts happen only after reaching the minimum withdrawal limit. For 91 Club, the minimum payout is Rs 50 via UPI or Rs 100 to bank account. Maximum withdrawal permitted per day depends on the membership tier.

Referral Link Sharing

To earn commissions, you need to actively promote your referral link. Share it on your social media pages and messaging platforms. Link sharing posts should inform people about the 91 Club app’s features in an honest manner. Avoid making exaggerated claims about income potential.

Enrolling referrals for fake ID creation or gaming should be strictly avoided, as it violates terms of use. You can share links on forums like gaming groups relevant to the 91 Club app audience. Refer those who would genuinely use the app.

Advantages of Referral Programs

Referral programs offer several benefits:

  • Earn without actively playing games
  • Potential for steady passive income long-term
  • Very cost-effective user acquisition for the company
  • Multi-level commissions enhance earnings
  • Easy to scale up through social sharing

Before you share links blindly, spend time understanding whom to refer, proper channels for promotion and realistic income expectations. A thoughtful approach is recommended.

Final words

91 Club app offers a lucrative referral program that participants swear by due to the earning potential. Just be sure to first understand the commission rates, payout policies and referral ethics. A clear understanding of the program structure will help maximize your referral income. So, what are you waiting for? Time to start sharing and earning!

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