Atlas Fallen Side Quests: Complete All Side Quests!

The game was released on August 10, 2023, and the Atlas Fallen side quests are all available in the latest version. I know you are expecting to know how can you complete the quest. And get 100 Essence, 200 experience points ands loots also. So here in this article we will discuss all about the Atlas Fallen side quests, how many are there and how to complete it. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Atlas Fallen Side Quests

All Atlas Fallen Side Quests:-

There are total 36 Side Quests in Atlas Fallen divided into two groups, Errands and Quests. Errands are short, simple tasks that can be done quickly. They usually require getting an item, fighting a few opponents, or talking with an NPC.

Quests are more involved, allowing you to explore new places, solve puzzles, and battle difficult rivals. Now wil we see all 36 Side Quest in Atlas Fallen in the below paragraph.


  • A New Friend – Help a young girl find a missing cat.
  • A Taste of Home – Bring some food to a group of refugees.
  • A Token of Gratitude – Find a gift for a grateful villager.
  • A Well-Deserved Rest – Help a tired traveler find a place to sleep.
  • An Urgent Message – Deliver a message to a nearby village.
  • Building a Better Future – Assist a group of peasants in constructing a new home.
  • Cleaning Up – Help a villager clean in their farm.
  • Gathering Ingredients – Collect some ingredients for a villager’s recipe.
  • Lost and Found – Find a lost item to give a villager.
  • Repairing the Bridge – Help a villager repair a broken bridge.

Atlas Fallen Side Quests


  • The Forgotten Shrine – Locate a long-lost shrine and restore it to its former grandeur.
  • The Imprisoned Priest – Free a priest imprisoned by the Zealots.
  • Food for the People – Assist the residents of Caladrias in getting enough food.
  • The Source in the Swamp – Locate an Essence source in the swamp.
  • The Source in the Ruins – Locate an Essence source in the ruins.
  • The Battle of Gods – assist the gods of Atlas fight against the Titans.
  • Training to Survive – Assist a group of villagers in preparing for the impending conflict.
  • The Poetic Muse – Help a bard find ideas for his next poem.
  • The Hunter’s Prey – For a prize, hunt down a hazardous beast.
  • Protecting the Village – assist the villagers of Caladrias defend themselves against bandits.
  • The Lost Treasure – Find a lost treasure that is hidden in the ruins.
  • The Cursed Sword – Find an cursed sword and destroy this before it falls into the wrong hands.
  • The Soul Eater – Defeat a terrifying demon destroying the land.
  • The Key to Freedom – Locate a key that will free the Caladrias villagers from their oppressors.
  • The Final Battle – Compete against the Titans in the ultimate struggle for Atlas’ fate.

Atlas Fallen Side Quests

How to complete The Forgotten Shrine Atlas Fallen Side Quest?

Here are the ways to completing the the first Atlas Fallen side quest “The Forgotten Shrine”.

Talk to the quest giver: This mission is given by a woman named Anya, who can be located in the settlement of Caladrias. She will inform you that a lost shrine in the next swamp needs to be restored.

Explore the swamp: Go to the marsh and search for the shrine. It’s in a clearing beside an area of trees.

Clean the shrine: The shrine is completely overgrown with vines and trash. You’ll need to clear the vines with your axe and crush the rubble with your hammer.

Pray at the shrine: Once the shrine has been cleaned, you must pray at it. This will restore the shrine to the former glory.

Return to Anya: Return to Anya in Caladrias once the shrine has been rebuilt. She will thank you and reward you with Essence, experience, and loot for your help.

For now we only guide you with one Atlas Fallen Side Quest if you want all 36 solutions then comment us. We will bring you another article on it.


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