Great Dragon Spear MLBB: The Ultimate Weapon for Critical Hit Heroes!

Great Dragon Spear MLBB is a marksman item that is suitable for heroes who rely on critical hits. It boosts the hero’s critical chance by 20%, and every 100 points of attack increases the critical chance by another 0.5%. This passive is ideal for heroes such as Zilong, Wanwan, and Lancelot. This article will go over what Great Dragon Spear is, who can use it, how to get Great Dragon Spear MLBB, and how to get it. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Great Dragon Spear MLBB

What is Great Dragon Spear MLBB?

In MLBB Great Dragon Spear is a marksman item. On August 8, 2023, it featured in patch 1.8.08. It is Scarlet Phantom’s improved version. Spear Strike is the unique passive of Great Dragon Spear.

It boosts the hero’s critical chance by 20%, and every 100 points of attack boosts the critical chance by another 0.5%. This passive is excellent for characters like Zilong, Wanwan, and Lancelot who rely on critical hits.

It has a physical attack of 65, an attack speed of 20%, and a critical chance of 10%. This weapon is great for marksman heroes who wish to do a lot of damage while still having a high critical chance.

Heroes that can use Great Dragon Spear MLBB:-

Here are a few heroes who can successfully wield MLBB Great Dragon Spear:


Great Dragon Spear MLBB

Zilong is the spearman in Mobile Legends. He is a fast-attacking hero who moves quickly. His critical chance and attack speed will be increased by Great Dragon Spear, making him even more deadly.


Great Dragon Spear MLBB

Wanwan is a marksman hero that deals damage through critical hits. Her critical chance and attack speed will be increased by Great Dragon Spear, making her even more powerful.


Great Dragon Spear MLBB

Lancelot is an assassin hero whose skills may deal a lot of harm. Great Dragon Spear will boost his critical chance and attack speed, increasing his abilities.

How to get Great Dragon Spear MLBB?

If you want to get this great spears and don’t know how to get it, don’t worry. Just follow these steps to get the Great Dragon Spear in MLBB:

1. Purchase it from the shop with diamonds:

This is the simplest way to get the MLBB Great Dragon Spear. However it is the most expensive option.

  1. Visit the store.
  2. Select the “Items” tab.
  3. Great Dragon Spear may be found in the “Weapons” section.
  4. Click “Buy” to complete your order.

2. Spin the Magic Wheel:

Great Dragon Spear MLBB

The Magic Wheel is a roulette-style game that can be played using tickets. You can purchased the ticky with diamonds or won through gaming. The chances of getting the Great Dragon Spear MLBB from the Magic Wheel are low, yet it is possible.

  1. Go to the Magic Wheel tab.
  2. Select the “Spin” option.
  3. Spin the wheel with a ticket.
  4. You will win if you land on Great Dragon Spear.

3. Complete the events:

MLBB Great Dragon Spear could also be earned as a reward for completing events. Events are often hosted for a limited time, so keep a look out for them.

4. Exchange Fragments:

Great Dragon Spear MLBB

Unwanted things can be sold to get fragments. When you have enough fragments, head to the fragment shop and trade them for the Great Dragon Spear. This is the most cost-effective method of getting Great Dragon Spear MLBB, but it takes some time to collect enough fragments.

  1. Go to the fragment shop.
  2. Select the “Weapons” tab.
  3. Locate Great Dragon Spear and select “Exchange.”
  4. Enter the number of fragments you want to swap and click the Confirm button.

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