Apex Legends Octane Navi: A Tragic Tale of Love and Loss!

Did you saw Apex Legends Octane Navi Interacting video. There is new video uploaded where octane is interacting with Navi in his grave. As the memorial to Navi was added on the Olympus map at the Estates POI in Apex Legends Season 18. The memorial is of a small shrine with a Nessie statue and a sign with Navi’s name. It’s a tribute to a loving pet, and it shows that Octane still misses Navi.

And here in this article we will see what is the conversation between Octane and Navi In Apex Legends. If you new in the game and don’t know about Navi we also will tell you that. So stay in this article and know all, Now without any further delay let’s start the article.

Apex Legends Octane Navi

Apex Legends Octane Navi Interacting:-

Octane now has a new voice line when interacting with Navi’s grave on Olympus. Octane says in the voice line, “Hey Navi, friend. I’m missing you. I know you’re up there, keeping an eye on me. I’ll do my best to make you proud.”

Octane misses Navi even knowing that he has been gone for several years, as shown by this voice line. It also shows how important Navi was to Octane and how much he impact Octane’s personality.

Apex Legends Octane Navi

Lifeline has a voice line when Octane interacts with Navi’s grave. “Octane, I know how much you loved Navi,” she says. You had an excellent friend in him. If you need to talk, I’m here.” Lifeline’s voice line shows her concern for Octane and her willingness to support him. It also shows that she knows how much Navi meant to Octane.

Who is Navi in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Octane Navi is a pet bunny, and was a constant friend. Octane and Navi Apex Legends first met when Octane was a child. Octane’s father’s assistant gave him Navi as a gift, and she soon became his third wife. Apex Legends Octane and Navi quickly became friends. They’d spend hours playing together, and Octane would often accompany Navi on his first stunts.

They were inseparable, and Navi was more than simply a pet to Octane; he was a confidant and a source of comfort. But then Apex Legends Octane Navi died in a terrible accident, and Octane was never completely recovered.

Apex Legends Octane Navi

What are the new Octane and Navi Easter Eggs?

In Season 18, there are a few new Easter Eggs relating to Octane and Navi in Apex Legends, in addition to the Navi memorial on Olympus. There is now a door in the Firing Range that you can interact with. If you do, Loba will appear and say something about Navi. A new Nessie Easter Egg may also be found on the World’s Edge map. To find it, get to the top of the Drill Site and search for a Nessie hidden in the rocks.


Octane’s interaction with Navi’s grave is a heartbreaking moment that shows Octane’s love and sadness for his pet bunny. It acts as a reminder that, even though Navi is no longer alive, Octane and the Apex Legends community remember him.

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