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Thronefall Perks: How To Unlock New Perks?

Do you want to know how to unlock new Thronefall perks to improve your game. But first lets about Thronefall video game. It is a rapid-fire, strategic card game in which players must build and protect their empire. The use of Thronefall perks, which may give players a major advantage in battle, is an important aspect of the game.

This article will go through the different kinds of perks available in Thronefall, as well as how to select the best perks for your playstyle. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to use perks properly in battle and Thronefall unlock new perks. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Thronefall perks

Is the game unlock new Thronefall perks?

Yes, Thronefall unlocks new perks all through the game. There are currently 48 perks in the game, which you can get through completing tasks, moving up levels, or purchasing from the Perk Shop. The Thronefall perks you choose will have a huge impact on your playstyle, so be sure they match your preferred strategy.

If you’re a defensive player, for example, you might want to select perks that increase your defenses. If you’re an offensive player, you ought to focus on Thronefall perks that boost your units’ combat ability. You can choose a maximum of 3 perks before each level, and the number of perks you can choose grows as you level up. The more rewards you get, the more ways you can customize your play style.

Thronefall perks

Thronefall Unlock New Perks: All 48 Perks:-

This Thronefall perks are divided into five categories: Fortifications, Economy, Production, Combat, and Utility. Here is a list of the number of rewards in each category:

1. Fortifications:

  • Stone Walls: Increases your stone walls’ health and damage resistance.
  • Guard Towers: Increases your guard towers’ assault damage and range.
  • Barricades: Increases your barricades’ health and damage resistance.
  • Sentry Towers: Increases the range of your sentry towers’ view.
  • Spike Traps: Increases the damage your spike traps deal.
  • Ballista Tower: Allows you to construct ballista towers that do massive damage to adversaries.
  • Catapult Tower: Enables you to construct catapult towers that can shoot missiles across walls.
  • Wall Runner: This feature allows your units to climb walls.
  • Fortification Master: Increases all of your fortifications’ health and damage resistance.

Thronefall perks

2. Economy:

  • Tax Collector: Increases the amount of money you make from your tax collectors.
  •  Merchant: Increases your earnings from merchants.
  •  Bank: Increases the amount of money you can keep in your bank.
  •  Marketplace: Increases the rate at which you generate money from your marketplace.
  • Gold Mine: Allows you to construct gold mines that produce gold over time.
  • Gem Mine: Allows you to construct gem mines that produce gems over time.
  • Woodcutter: Allows you to construct woodcutters that produce wood over time.
  • Stonemason: Allows you to construct stonemasons that produce stone over time.
  • Economy Master: Increases your earnings from all of your economic constructions.

Thronefall perks

3. Production:

  • Builder: Increases the rate at which your builders build constructions.
  • Laborer: Increases the rate at which your laborers gather resources.
  • Smithy: Increases the rate at which your smithy generates units.
  • Workshop: Increases the rate at which your workshop creates upgrades.
  • Library: Increases the pace with which your library researches technology.
  • Mage Tower: Allows you to construct mage towers that can cast spells.
  •  Siege Workshop: Enables you to construct siege workshops that generate siege weapons.
  • Production Master: Increases the rate at which all of your production structures produce resources.

Thronefall perks

4. Combat:

  • Swordmaster: Increases your swordmasters’ attack damage and health.
  • Archer: Increases your archers’ attack damage and range.
  • Spearman: Increases your spearmen’s attack damage and armor.
  • Cavalry: Increases your cavalry’s attack damage and speed.
  • Catapult: Increases the damage your catapults deal.
  •  Ballista: Increases the damage your ballistas deal.
  •  Mage: Increases your mages’ attack damage and spell damage.
  •  Siege Engine: Increases the damage your siege engines deal.
  •  Combat Master: Increases all of your units’ attack damage and health.

Thronefall perks

5. Utility:

  • Scout Tower: Allows you to construct scout towers, which improve your vision range.
  • Teleporter: This item allows you to move your units between teleporters.
  • Research Lab: Allows you to investigate technologies that will improve your units and structures.
  •  Scrying Pool: This pool lets you glimpse the enemy’s base.
  • Morale Boost: Increases your units’ attack damage and movement speed for a short period of time.
  • Healing Ward: For a limited time, heals your units.
  •  Shield Ward: Gives your units with a temporary shield that absorbs damage.
  •  Utility Master: Improves the efficiency of all utility structures and abilities.

How to Unlock New Thronefall Perks?

There are several ways to unlock new Thronefall perks, which we are going to see below:

Complete challenges: There are a variety of challenges in each level that you can complete to get XP. Once you get enough XP, you will be able to use a new perk.

Reach new levels: As you progress through the stages, new bonuses will become available.

Purchase perks: You can also use gold to buy perks from the Perk Shop.


Thronefall Perks are a powerful tool in that can help you win games. You can give yourself a huge advantage over your opponents by selecting the correct perks and employing them effectively. However, it is important to remember that Thronefall perks do not ensure victory. You must still have a solid understanding of the game and how to play it.

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