How to complete Champions Road Rocket League?

Champions Road Rocket League: Rocket League is a popular cars soccer video game played by millions of people all over the world. The game has also become a big hit in the esports world, with the Rocket League World Championship being one of the year’s most watched esports events.

Psyonix, the Rocket League developer, sponsored a Limited Time Event dubbed Rocket League Champions Road in August 2023 to honor the World Championship. The event included a range of objectives for players to perform in order to get Esports-themed prizes. As well as two Limited Time Modes 2v2 Heatseeker and Boomer Ball.

Here in this article we will discuss what is Champions Road Rocket League, how to complete and what rewards we will get when we complete the event. So let’s start the article and see the full guide of Rocket League Champions road.

Champions Road Rocket League

What is Champions Road Rocket League?

Champions Road Rocket League is a Limited Time Event that took place from August 2 to August 16, 2023. It was inspired by the Rocket League World Championship, and by completing challenges, users could get Esports-themed items. The challenges were a mix of skill and time-based challenges that rewarded players with items.

Champions Road also included two Limited Time Modes, 2v2 Heatseeker and Boomer Ball, in addition to the challenges. Heatseeker is a mode in which the ball automatically seeks out the nearest player’s goal, while Boomer Ball replaced the ball with a huge ball that may be used to push opponents around.

Champions Road Rocket League

How to complete Champions Road Rocket League ?

The following are the steps to completing Champions Road in Rocket League:

Begin the event by saying: You can do this by navigating to the main menu’s Challenges tab and selecting the Champions Road tab.

Complete the following tasks: There are 14 tasks in total, and each one rewards you with a new item. The challenges range from easy tasks such as goal scoring to more challenging objectives such as winning matches in the Limited Time Modes.

Earn rewards: You get your rewards as you complete challenges. Trophy Topper, Pro-Tek Wheels, EZ Sweep Topper, Shmeedian Decal, RLCS Crystalline Player Banner and Avatar Border, and Golden Trophies are among the benefits available. Open Golden Trophies to get items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Vindicator Item Series.

Champions Road Rocket League

Rewards you get in Champions Road Rocket League:-

This are all rewards you will get in Champions Road Rocket League, follow this list given below:

  • Rocket League World Championship Trophy Topper
  • Let’s Goooooo! Player Banner
  • RLCS Crystalline Player Banner
  • RLCS Crystalline Avatar Border
  • Shmeedian Decal
  • 10-Senz Wheels
  • Pro-Tek Wheels
  • EZ Sweep Topper
  • Siiick Reads Topper
  • “Tireless Tryhard” Player Title
  • Golden Trophy ’23



Champions Road was an excellent chance for gamers to remember the Rocket League World Championship while also earning some nice new goods. The event was also an excellent opportunity for Psyonix to show their support for the Rocket League esports community. Don’t worry if you missed Champions Road Rocket League there will be more Limited Time Events in the future.

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