How To Complete LOL Soul Fighter Bounty Quests?

The Soul Fighter Bounty Quests is an interesting set of tasks in League of Legends (LoL). Players may get wonderful rewards by completing various tasks and riddles in these missions. In this article, we’ll go through the Soul Fighter Bounty Quests, its objectives, how to complete it, and the amazing rewards you can get in return.

soul fighter bounty quests

What is Soul Fighter Bounty Quests?

The Soul Fighter Bounty Quests is an exciting set of LoL quests that allow players to get fantastic rewards. These missions contain cryptic messages that must be decoded in order to be completed. The missions center on several characters in the game, such as Gwen, Lux, Naafiri, Jhin, and others.

What are the Objectives of LoL Soul Fighter Bounty?

The Soul Fighter Bounty Quests primary objective is to complete a series of missions by breaking the cryptic texts they present. These missions focus around particular characters and need you to complete a variety of objectives. The goals can range from battling opponents to collecting things to taking on unique challenges.

soul fighter bounty quests

How to Complete LoL Soul Fighter Bounty?

To complete the LoL soul fighter bounty Quest, decode the puzzling clues in each task while facing the objectives. Don’t worry, decoding is not as difficult as it sounds! Pay strict attention to the details in the mission description, and you’ll be able to crack the code.

Once you’ve decoded the message, go to the mission’s objectives. It might vary from beating opponents to gathering things to doing specified feats with the character mentioned in the mission. Now, let’s go through the solutions for each mission:

soul fighter bounty quests

  • Gwen: Bounty Level 1

Solution: In matchmade games, heal with Gwen’s passive ability.

  • Lux: Bounty Level 2

Solution: Deal damage as Lux.

  • Naafiri: Bounty Level 3

Solution: Play with or against Naafiri in Arena mode or Summoner’s Rift.

  • Jhin: Bounty Level 4

Solution: Get 4 kills as Jhin.

  • Pyke: Bounty Level 5

Solution: Use Pyke’s Ultimate while using his W to kill enemies.

  • Evelynn: Bounty Level 6

Solution: Use Evelynn’s charm (W) and kill someone.

  • Sett: Bounty Level 7

Solution: Tank 30K damage as Sett.

  • Shaco: Bounty Level 8

Solution: Summon Rift Herald on Summoner’s Rift.

  • Viego: Bounty Level 9

Solution: Buy Banshee’s Veil on Viego and drink an Elixir of Iron. (Do this build against bots in Co-op vs AI mode)

  • Samira: Bounty Level 10

Solution: Take Ghost, Ignite, and Collector. (Do this against bots)


What are the Rewards We Get After Completing LoL Soul Fighter Bounty?

You’ll be rewarded for successfully completing each LoL soul fighter bounty. Experience points, in-game currency, and special items are among the benefits. These prizes are an excellent way to improve your overall LoL game experience.

  • Gwen: Bounty Level 1: Soul Fighter Gwen Wanted Icon
  • Lux: Bounty Level 2: Soul Fighter Lux Wanted Icon
  • Naafiri: Bounty Level 3: Soul Fighter Naafiri Wanted Icon
  • Jhin: Bounty Level 4: Soul Fighter Jhin Wanted Icon
  • Pyke: Bounty Level 5: Soul Fighter Pyke Wanted Icon
  • Evelynn: Bounty Level 6: Soul Fighter Evelynn Wanted Icon
  • Sett: Bounty Level 7: Soul Fighter Sett Wanted Icon
  • Shaco: Bounty Level 8: Soul Fighter Shaco Wanted Icon
  • Viego: Bounty Level 9: Soul Fighter Viego Wanted Icon
  • Samira: Bounty Level 10: Soul Fighter Samira Wanted Icon

The Soul Fighter Bounty Quests in LoL provides players with a fascinating and demanding experience. Players can earn great rewards by decoding cryptic messages and completing numerous objectives, which contribute to the pleasure and enjoyment of the game. Prepare to start on this exciting journey and get your well-deserved rewards.


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