Fortnite Overwatch Collab- New Collab Fortnite x Overwatch!

What, Fortnite Overwatch collab is happening for real? After numerous leaks and rumors about Fortnite collaborating with Overwatch, now it’s almost sure that the epic battle royale game Fortnite x Overwatch will happen soon in a couple of weeks.

As already there were leaks that Fortnite styled cross-over themes and skins will be coming to Overwatch through this Collab, let’s see what are the other events and updates planned for Overwatch x Fortnite collaboration in 2023.

Both the developers Blizzard Entertainment and Epic Games are in final discussions for this mega association which will surprise the entire gaming club worldwide, here’s all details about Fortnite x Overwatch collaboration, release date, leaks, styled skins and more here at GA.

Fortnite Overwatch Collab – All Info!

Fortnite x Overwatch Collab

The main motive of this collab from the side of blizzard entertainment is to bring on more revenue for Overwatch, as going for a collaboration with a game like Fortnite will take a game’s success to sky level, similiarly that’s the intention here too from Overwatch team.

Apart from revenue, the reach of Overwatch will be massive when they join hands with Fortnite exclusively soon, hopefully it happens very very soon.

Fortnite X Overwatch Collaboration Release Date!  

The date for the crossover event between Fortnite and Overwatch is not announced yet, as Epic Games is trying hard to bring Overwatch into the world of Fortnite from this paradise season, is not Fortnite x Overwatch collaboration event date might be during the time of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 edition.

But the exact release date for the Fortnite x Overwatch collab is to be seen from the end of Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment teams.

Once the collab date between Fortnite x Overwatch is known officially, it will be posted here too. Till then let’s wait for the official launch of Overwatch and Fortnite.

List of Skins for Fortnite x Overwatch Collab 2023!

Fortnite Overwatch Collab

As even the official announcement for Fortnite x Overwatch is yet to arrive, there’s no idea on what are the events which take place during this cross-over event, what kinda Fortnite styled skins will come to Overwatch, what will Overwatch bring to Fortnite are yet to be seen soon.

The battle pass of Overwatch might bring some Fortnite inspired skins or styled crossover themes, likewise similiarly Fortnite will bring on some Overwatch inspired skins or cosmetics, as Fortnite x Overwatch collaboration is currently under final development period with a lot of negotiations, we must all wait and watch to know more on the same here.

But for sure the combo of Fortnite and Overwatch will bring an explosion to all the gamers worldwide, expecting Fortnite to announce their official collab with Overwatch very very soon.

Till then let’s wait for Fortnite x Overwatch collab news officially from the developers, or even the twitter leaker shiina might update more on Fortnite x Overwatch collab soon. But one thing is sure, Fortnite is definitely joining hands with Overwatch by this year, or even in 2023 start.


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