How To Use Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build?

You have the amazing chance to summon your very own companion using Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build. These fake creatures are not ordinary pets; they have their own unique skills and personality. We’ll guide you through the method of summoning a Homunculus and discuss the amazing features they bring to your journeys in this article. Let’s look in and read about the Alchemist Homunculus Build in Ragnarok Origin in this article.

Alchemist Homunculus Build

What you need to summon Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build?

You must first become an Alchemist in order to summon a Homunculus. After that, you’ll use a combination of spellcasting and potion brewing to bring these amazing critters to life. Here’s a simple shopping list of items you need to get yourself a Homunculus:

  1. Potion Creation Guide (available at Gever Al Sharp)
  2. Medicine Bowl (available at Gever Al Sharp)
  3. Seed of Life (available at Al de Baran Material Seller)
  4. Morning Dew of Yggdrasil (available at Al de Baran Material Seller)
  5. Glass Tube (available at Al de Baran Material Seller)

Alchemist Homunculus Build

Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build features:-

The Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus is not your average pet; it is a man-made creature with its own set of abilities and charms. Each Alchemist Homunculus is a trusted companion for adventures, with unique positions, attributes, as well as skills. It’s important to think about their responsibilities and characteristics because they can perform close-range attacks, tanking, healing, and ranged attacks. Choosing the correct Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus build may greatly boost your efficiency in certain battle conditions.


How to use Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build?

Alchemist Homunculus Build

A new interface will be available once you have completed the Alchemist job change. You can access the Homunculus related interface by clicking the purple button. You can call your Homunculus here and easily select attack and defense settings.

Homunculus, like vehicles and mercenaries, require experience to level up. To help them grow, you may use Homunculus reagents, which can be purchased from the item shop. It is important to note, however, that a Homunculus cannot surpass your adventurer’s initial level, so your own level growth is still required for their development.

Your Homunculus collects skill points as it levels up. These points are awarded at level 40 or higher and can be used to improve the skills of the Homunculus. These talents are vital in improving their battle performance, so choose wisely and spend skill points based on your Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus strengths and chosen play style.


You now have an excellent understanding of the Ragnarok Origin Alchemist Homunculus Build. As an Alchemist, you can make these one of a kind artificial beings, each with their own personality and set of abilities. Remember to collect the required objects, complete the steps to summon your Homunculus, and use their skills to add to your adventures.

There’s a Homunculus for every play style, whether you need a close-range attacker, a tank, a healer, or a ranged attacker. So, with the one you love Homunculus by your side, journey forth into the land of Ragnarok Origin and embark on great quests together.

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