Valorant Ignite Fan: What Is Real Price & How To Purchase It?

Valorant Ignite Fan is a fantastic collection for weapons along with a knife in the a favorite game Valorant. People are quite thrilled about it, and it is quickly becoming popular among Valorant players. After three years, Riot Games, the firm behind Valorant, is finally bringing the game to China.

To celebrate this, they’ve released a special bundle called the Ignite Capsule, which includes some amazing flame goods including the Ignite Fan Valorant. For Chinese players, it’s a huge deal, and they can’t wait to get their hands on it.

And in this article we will explain the full details about the Valorant ignite fan. What is Ignite fan valorant price and how we can get them from the shop.

Valorant Ignite Fan

What is the Valorant Ignite Fan?

The Valorant Ignite Fan is a wonderful weapon. It’s part of a set called the Ignite Capsule, and the fan was inspired by a Chinese weapon. This fan have knives attached to it, making it quite deadly. When you use the Valorant Ignite Fan in the game, it will spew fire and sparks, which looks extremely cool.

When did the Ignite Fan in Valorant become available?

On July 12, China saw the release of the Ignite Capsule, which included the Ignite Fan. It became available to the rest of the world on July 14. It’s important to get it while it’s currently available because it won’t be available afterwards.

Valorant Ignite Fan

How much does the Ignite Fan in Valorant price?

We don’t yet know the actual price of the Ignite Capsule bundle. However a rumor says that the Ignite Fan Valorant price 4350 VP (Valorant Points). In order to get to special animations, visual effects, and color variants for the knife, players will need to spend Radianite Points (RP). The entire bundle might cost around 5000 VP. Keep in mind that the Ignite fan valorant price may differ in China because of changes in the currency.

How To Purchase the Valorant Ignite Fan?

Follow these steps to purchase the Valorant Ignite Fan bundle:

  • Open the Valorant store in-game.
  • Find the Ignite Capsule Bundle.
  • Buy the entire bundle, which contains the Ignite Fan as well as other weapon skins.

As we see in the previous paragraph that Ignite Fan alone costs 4350 VP, but we don’t know how much the full bundle costs. Remember that this package will not return to the store or Night Market, so this is your only chance to acquire it.

Valorant Ignite Fan


Finally, the Ignite Fan Valorant is a popular melee weapon featured in the Ignite Capsule bundle. The Ignite Fan, inspired by Chinese fan weapons, adds a blazing flare to your game play with its fire-spewing and sparking effects. This bundle, released to remember Valorant’s launch in China, includes other intriguing goods such as sprays, player cards, and titles.

The Ignite Fan bundle became available on particular days, and it’s critical to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase it while it’s still available. While the exact pricing of the entire bundle has not been revealed, the Ignite Fan alone is priced at 4350 Valorant Points.

This special bundle allows Valorant gamers to enhance their in-game experience with aesthetically attractive and distinct items. So, if you’re a Valorant fan who wants to get your hands on the Ignite Fan Valorant, don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity.


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