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MLBB Top Most Savage Players 2023: Who’s Most Savage?

MLBB Top Most Savage Players: MLBB or Mobile Legends Bang Bang to occupy the position of the top most savage players are not a simple task. Especially, MLBB is a virtual battle arena game which makes it hard. Appropriate positioning and timing for attacks are very crucial, So the choice of players will be done in a wise manner.

MLBB Top Most Savage Players:

                  MLBB Savage Heros Description Species Occupation
Player Karina She is known as a “Machine killer” and a player full of anger, desperation, and coldhearted killer. Belongs to Dark Elves. She is one of the top killers of the Assassin Group.
Player Fanny She is popular as a ” Blade Dancer” in the battle arena. She is a girl who disregards old traditions and fights for her rights. She resides in the Moniya empire and is human. Expertise in Soaring Blades and Steel Cables.
Player Gusion He is a fighter player, which makes him the most savage on, the battlefield instead of the magic family, he believes in the light path, not in magic. He is from Castle Aberdeen and Moniyan Empire. Blades and daggers are the expertise usage tools of Gusion and accurately hit his target while doing activities.
Player Aldous He is the ”man of the words”  and always does his best to save his kingdom. He is the top MLBB player from Minoan Maze and Agelta Drylands. Fought with long arms and good to fight at the end of the battle when the favor of winning is less than 80%.
Player Roger In the mobile legends, he is one of the kind-hearted players who take second birth and changed into a werewolf. He is from Half-Lycanthrope (werewolf) and half-human. He lived outside the dark forest to reduce the fear of werewolves and the flame of his humanity still alive after turning into a werewolf.
Player Beatrix She has a keen interest in technology and is always profound about it. She is from Moniyan Empire and belongs to a high-influence merchant family. She is the programmer of the  Survival: Nexus
Player Lancelot He is the son of a genius man player and his major strength by his handsome behavior and talent. In MLBB, he is Moniyan Empire and human. He is a most savage player in sword usage and for his talented attitude.


Among These Who Is the Most Savage Player in MLBB?

MLLB top Most savage palyers


Well, it’s difficult to find an answer to this question. But according to the different players Karina and the Gusion are the savage and most demanding players in mobile legends.

Top Most Powerful, Who has the most Savage Player In MLBB?

MLLB top most savage players


Player Roger is one of the most powerful players in MLBB or in mobile legends. He has the power of two creatures moreover, he is kind-hearted and fear hurting innocents still alive after becoming a werewolf.

Savage in top most players in MLBB stand for?

Savage simply stands for the ferocious behavior of someone. It’s difficult for a single man to handle all the game. In the MLBB it is the term used to describe the player who kills five enemies in a shorter span of time. There are some top terminologies that are used to describe savage kills:

  • First Blood which means one kill or first kill.
  • The second kill means continuous two kills.
  • Tripple kill means three kills continuously.
  • Maniac Kill means four kills with lesser period of time.

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