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How To Complete Dave The Diver Seahorse Quest: Full Guide!

Here start’s the new Mission called as Dave The Diver Seahorse Quest. As we know Dave the Diver is a wonderful underwater adventure game. You get to explore a beautiful underwater world and discover lots of exotic sea animals in the game. There are several missions and one of the game’s mission is to find four rare seahorses and catch them. Once you catch those seahorses, you can participate in the seahorse races.

Dave The Diver Seahorse Quest

So, if you’re playing Dave the Diver and want to complete the seahorse quest, stay here. Here in this article we will discuss what is Dave The Diver Seahorse Quest, Where is the location of Seahorse in Dave The Diver and also how to catch Dave The Diver Seahorse and participate in the race. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

What Is Dave The Diver Seahorse Quest?

Dave the Diver Seahorse Quest

The Dave the Diver seahorse quest is a special mission in the game in which you have to catch seahorses. These seahorses can be found in various locations which we see in the next paragraph. Once you have catch the seahorses, then you have take them to the Game Parlor and register them for exciting race. So, if you want to finish the seahorse quest, look for the seahorses and ready for some exciting race.

Where To Find Dave The Diver Seahorse?

Dave the Diver Seahorse Quest

You must go to the Sea People Village to find the seahorses for the Dave the Diver seahorse quest. Four seahorses are waiting for you at the village. Two of the Dave the Diver seahorses are outside, on the village’s lower level. So swim towards the beautiful coral and plants on the surface of Blue Hole, if you want to find the seahorse in Dave The Diver, Go there they like to hide on this location.

How To Catch Dave The Diver Seahorse To Praticipate In The Race?

You need Bug Net to catch a seahorse in Dave the Diver. Here’s how:

Dave the Diver Seahorse Quest

  • Swim towards the Sea People Village, where the most seahorses gather.
  • Look for seahorses near the colorful coral and plants in the Blue Hole that aren’t too deep.
  • Swim near to a seahorse if you see one.
  • Use the Bug Net to catch it. To use it, use the space bar on your keyboard.
  • You can participate in exciting seahorse racing after catching the seahorses.

Remember that locating the seahorses is part of Dave the Diver Seahorse Quest. So, prepare your Bug Net and have luck catching those seahorses.


Finally, catching Dave the Diver Seahorse is an exciting mission that takes place in the Sea People Village. These seahorses can be found throughout the hamlet, and players must capture them in order to participate in the races in the Game Parlor. You can use a bug net and simply press the spacebar to catch them. You can easily catch the seahorses and have a great time playing the game with the help of this important instructions. Just follow this guide carefully and catch all four Seahorses.

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