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How To Use Free Ragnarok landverse CBT Tokens?

Ragnarok Landverse CBT Tokens are the new gossip among the players. It was recently introduced to all of them with lots of benefits, and everyone wants to get these CBT tokens for free. The CBT token for Ragnarok Landverse is not real money; it is just a token with which you can get Items and rewards in the game.

If you are searching for the Free CBT tokens in Ragnarok Landverse, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you where and how you can get Ragnarok Landverse CBT tokens. And also guide you on how to use these CBT tokens in the game to get free rewards. So stay in this post and know all these things.

Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens

What Is Ragnarok Landverse CBT Tokens?

Ragnarok Landverse CBT tokens are special tokens that can be used during the game’s Closed Beta Test (CBT). These CBT token Ragnarok Landverse are not real money and should only be used for testing. During the CBT, players can get these tokens for free by joining the BNB Discord, completing specific activities.

Or by entering special codes, or importing BNB test tokens into a site known as Metamask. The number of Free CBT tokens in ragnarok landverse that can be achieved is not known. If you want to know all the methods and ways to get this tokens then look your next paragraph. We gave all the basic information about that.

Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens

How To Get Free CBT Tokens in Ragnarok Landverse?

As we then Ragnarok Landverse is a brand new game that is currently in Closed Beta Test (CBT). Players are excited to learn how they can get free CBT tokens in ragnarok landverse, which are unique tokens used just during this testing period. Here are a few ways to get free CBT tokens in Ragnarok Landverse:

  1. Jion Discord: Join the BNB Discord group to get free BNB test tokens, which may be used as CBT tokens in Ragnarok Landverse.
  2. Completing Tasks: By completing certain tasks in the game, users can win free CBT tokens as a reward.
  3. Redeem Codes: To get free CBT tokens, players can also redeem specific codes provided by the game makers.
  4. Import Test Tokens: Importing BNB test tokens to the Metamask platform may offer players with free CBT tokens for use in Ragnarok Landverse.

Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens


I personally suggested that you follow the guidelines and advice provided in the Ragnarok Landverse CBT Tokens Guide to make the most of your gaming experience during the Ragnarok Landverse CBT. This will help you in exploring the game and understanding how to get and use CBT token Ragnarok landverse successfully. Or here we give you same guide of how to use the CBT tokens, when you get it.

How To Use Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens?

Follow these instructions to use free CBT tokens in Ragnarok Landverse:

  • Join the BNB Discord to receive free BNB test tokens.
  • BNB test tokens should be imported into Metamask.
  • Exchange USDC test tokens for ION test tokens.
  • Mint new USDC test tokens for extra tokens.
  • During the CBT, recharge your test tokens.

By following this step you can use your Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens and get the benefits of that. Also make sure to follow the indy as given this this article.

Ragnarok landverse CBT tokens

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