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Sons of the forest update 7 patch notes: Major Improvement, Fixes, Features And More!

Sons of the Forest update 7 Patch Notes comes with major improvements, Fixes, features, and balances, and many more upgrades. As you all are waiting for Sons of the Forest Update 7 so you can fix the issues occurring in your game play. So here is the official release of the Sons of the Forest update 7 patch notes.

See if your problems get fixed or not. Or if you found it difficult to find information about it, don’t worry, here in this article we will share with you all about Sons of the Forest Update 7. So without any further delay, let’s start the article on Sons of the Forest update 7 patch notes.

Sons of the forest update 7

Improvement In Sons of the forest update 7 patch notes :

There are some major improvement dine in this Sons of the forest update 7 patch notes:

  • Thrown stones now cause harm.
  • Ziplines can be fastened to any length of log or stone.
  • When you open the inventory, relocated structures are thrown.
  • Cat food has a new visual addition.
  • Cooking pans can be kept on wall shelves.
  • Stone fireplaces can be completed by Kelvin.
  • Improved flaming stick graphics.
  • Improved views of boiling water.
  • Improved outcomes for trees in the winter.
  • Text on rocks and stones has been better localised.
  • When bodies are cremated, cannibal winter clothing burns.
  • For the item collection, localised text.
  • LOD support for distantly located items in storage holders.
  • On shelves are fixed, pricey armour components.
  • Numerous duck landing locations near land in the water.
  • Plank order is unchanged by floor repairs.
  • Custom Effigy requires a targeted limb for disassembly.
  • Placing furniture in congested spaces is made simpler.
  • Enhanced visual effects of lava hit.
  • Electric wire elements were added to stone beams and pillars.
  • Pillar detached placement is effective with a variety of wood and stone combinations.

Sons of the forest update 7

Major Fixes In Sons of the forest update 7 Patch Notes:

There are many errors and prono in the pervious update son in Sons of the Forest Update 7 the game developers fixed several errors. See the fixes in sons of the forest update 7 patch notes.

  • Fixed Knight Vs and gliders missing in saved games.
  • Issues with too many built lights creating glitches have been improved and fixed.
  • Weather visuals have been improved, and a quality option for fixing problematic occlusion has been included.
  • The scaling of the demon boss during attack animations has been fixed.
  • The male cannibal’s heavy attack now has a remote audio glitch that has been fixed.
  • Wire arrangement on standing sticks was removed.
  • Shifting pillars fixed to connecting stone beams.
  • Fixed incomplete stone beams, allowing supporting beams to be removed.
  • After breaking down stone beams, there were fixed stone fake pillars left.
  • Quarter log pillars now have fixed stones.
  • Clipping issues were resolved using a repair tool and leaning beams.
  • Visual improvements for stone beams and lightbulb placement.
  • Tarps no longer collapsed when struts were added.
  • Weather occlusion difficulties were resolved by removing and replacing ramps.
  • Weather occlusion has been improved in beached yachts.
  • Removed a pillar that was supporting a strutting beam.
  • Fixed by reducing the size of some pillars.
  • When inserting a pillar beneath a beam, invalid linking was fixed.
  • Various structural difficulties with struts and beams were resolved.
  • Furniture is supported by fixed cutting pillars.
  • Animals with skins no longer have heads.
  • In the knocked-down condition, a sliding problem was fixed.
  • Kelvin’s “Take Item” order was resolved.
  • Fixed ducks and inconsistencies in enemy activation.
  • Fixed collision skinning and creepy spittle in peaceful mode.
  • The issue with the view of the bunker food chair inventory has been resolved.
  • UI for zipline interaction has been improved.
  • When filling a pot, correct the appearance of the stew.
  • Interactions between the cooking pot and the fixed inventory.
  • Stew is still synchronised in multiplayer.
  • When executing actions, the held item state is fixed.
  • Ziplines that are fixed to non-tree objects.
  • Missing mushroom images have been added.
  • When destroying fire using a cooking pot, the sounds has been fixed.
  • Cooking recipe selection is now right.
  • Collisions on broken computers were repaired.

Sons of the forest update 7

Features In Sons Of The Forest Update 7 Patch Notes:

Here are the features of new patch notes of Sons of the Forest Update 7:

  • At the end, there is a new boss battle and cutscene.
  • Dedicated multiplayer servers have been added.
  • Golf carts that can be driven have been added.
  • A rifle was added as a new weapon.
  • As decorations, ornamental frogs were added.
  • Trophies with animal heads can now be displayed.
  • Stone doorways, struts, and windows were added.
  • Environment on the map’s east side has been updated with new water features, cannibal communities, rope bridges, and vistas.
  • New story note pickups have been added.
  • Implemented a dirty/clean water system.

Sons of the forest update 7

Balance In Sons Of The Forest Update 7 Patch Notes:

Here are the balance in new Sons of the forest update 7 patch notes:

  • Drinking dirty water today has a minor negative impact on health. Clean water can be obtained by boiling or collecting rainwater.
  • A custom game setting to toggle inventory pausing has been added.
  • In hard survival mode, inventory pause is now disabled by default.
  • The demon boss’s health and damage have been reduced. Some attacks now have longer cooldowns and deal more damage to structures.
  • Before the gold room, more ammo and health pickups were added.
  • Ammo containers can now hold rifle ammunition.
  • Stone buildings’ strength has been doubled.
  • Non-demonic damage is now reduced by 30% when wearing Gold Armour.


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