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Sonic Frontiers Patch Notes: Version 1.30 Notes!

The Sonic Frontiers patch notes update added new content to the game. However, we now have the complete Sonic Frontiers version 1.30 patch notes, and it turns out there’s much more than SEGA initially announced during the Sonic Central presentation.

Besides of what SEGA said, there are several other amazing things they didn’t reveal. One of them is the ability to control how soon you slow down after jumping. You can now customise whether you want to stop faster or slower in the air in Sonic frontiers update 1.30 patch notes.

Sonic frontiers patch notes

Also in Sonic frontiers patch notes you can decide whether the camera uses dramatic angles when you use special skills, which is another new feature. Therefore, you can decide to have the camera zoom in or display cool views while you do skills.

In addition, SEGA updated the Song Memories and Juke Box on each island with 24 additional songs. Therefore, you can now enjoy even more music while playing the game. Just a few of the fascinating new features included in the Sonic Frontiers version 1.30 patch notes are these. And we’ll find out about all the game’s features and fixes in this article.

Sonic frontiers patch notes

Changes In Sonic Frontiers Patch Notes :-

The following are the complete patch notes for the Sonic Frontiers version 1.30 patch notes:

  • On the transition screens between islands, the island selection screen, and the island clean screen, an option that displays the percent completed for each island is now added.
  • New “Frontier Elite” outfit has been added.
  • The ability to change the speed of deceleration when jumping has been added.
  • A “NEW” icon has been added; it will show up if new content has been added.
  • The possibility to enable/disable the “BGM change” feature in cyberspace has been included.
  • Rhea Island’s tower challenge has been lowered for Easy mode.
  • In the future, coloured marks will show up in the outcomes when the following time-saving techniques are used in cyberspace:

– Homing Dash: White

– Spin Dash: Red

– Jumping’s impact on deceleration rate: Yellow Cyber

– Power Boost for Cyberspace: Blue

  • Reset clear time and rank feature has been added to games like Battle Rush, Cyber Space, and Arcade mode.
  • An ON/OFF switch has been added to control whether dramatic camera angles are used when skills are used.
  • Added a setting to control the rate of deceleration till a complete halt.
  • Added an ON/OFF switch to control whether to keep the boost going when jumping.
  • 24 songs were added to the juke box. Each island now has Sound Memories added.

Sonic frontiers patch notes

Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash update :-

  • On June 23, 2023, the Sonic frontiers patch notes Birthday Bash update was launched, adding a number of fresh features and elements to the game. The following are a some of the recent additions:
  • Birthday Festivities: Sonic’s birthday has been celebrated by decking out the Starfall Islands. For Sonic’s special day, explore the decorations and celebrate in a brand-new costume.
  • Action Chain Challenge: The Open Zones now include new challenges. Target a high score!
  • Spin Dash: a new skill, brings back the famous Sonic manoeuvre. Learn how to use the Spin Dash and find new routes through the Starfall Islands.
  • New Koco: The Starfall Islands are home to a variety of new Koco.
  • Play Sonic Frontiers again with all of your previous playthrough’s stats and skills added.

Sonic frontiers patch notes


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