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Ragnarok Origin Paladin Guide: Skill Tree and Full Info 2023

Everyone knows someone who likes playing the tanky warrior class in every role-playing game they come across. The adaptable Swordsman from the Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree may develop into both a tanky leader and a quick runner. When playing the game, you may play as a great warrior. It would be a lot of fun if you could advance your career and turn your Swordsman into a powerful Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree. This article will illustrate the perfect skill build for a paladin. 

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree 2023

Along with our explanations. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree’s potential. When it comes to attribute building for this build, you must prioritize STR and INT, with a stronger focus on STR. Our build will emphasize brute force as well as some potent spells. And the two-handed spear will be the preferred weapon. The entire plot collapses if you do not utilize the spear, which is tightly related to several of the setup’s spells.

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree

While the STR stat increases the power of your melee and ranged physical assaults. Maximum inventory space, and FLEE, the INT stat, provides you with greater magical destruction and spell points (SP). As well as a greater spell point pool. Level 5. Bash does 220% + 100 neutral physical injury to a single target and increases skill accuracy by 8. When your ASPD improves, your recovery time for this talent decreases.

Increase your Recuperative Capacity to level ten. You can restore 50% of your HP + 1% of your maximum HP every 10 seconds with the aid of this passive ability. Additionally. When using HP Restoring products. Your healing power has been enhanced by 30%. It is one of the first skills that will progressively turn you into an unkillable beast. Level 10 Magnum Break: A powerful strike that does 250% + 100 Fire Bodily Damage and can knock back up to ten enemies in its path. You also get a 28-skill accuracy boost.

Provoke (level 10) is a great taunt skill to use when protecting teammates. You plunge in and dare any surrounding monsters to attack you. They will get 15% more damage. However, a 37% loss in defense leaves them more vulnerable to your DPS colleagues. Despite the fact that the ability only lasts three seconds. For seven seconds, it will increase your hate of the taunted foes by 250%. 

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree 2023

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree Rewards

When Endure (level 5) is triggered. Endure grants you +5 Magic Defence for 22 seconds and an indomitable attitude when under assault. Combine it with Provoke for more powerful monster extermination. A passive ability that grants you the ability to ride Grand Peco and increases your weight maximum by 1000. Excellent for someone who will be handling big machinery. Faith (level 10): Faith grants you a shield that shields you from holy damage while also increasing your maximum health by 3000.

Demon Bane (level 10): This passive talent improves your physical attack and defense by 20%. When up against Demons and the Undead. This bonus has also been increased to 50 for both offense and defense. Calls out a massive cross that does Holy Damage in an AoE to up to ten enemies. In addition to physical and magical strikes, the damage of this spell is based on a percentage of your maximum HP. As a result, if you want to optimize the power of this spell. Change your stat choices to favor VIT.

Holy Cross is one of your key construction blocks. When used, it has a 30% chance of granting the opponent under attack the Darkness condition and does 380% Holy Physical Damage. We recommend that you make a two-handed spear as soon as possible since it increases your damage. The strength of this setup lies in its combination. Level 10 Spear Mastery boosts your power by 40 when you’re on foot and by 10 when you’re mounted. 

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