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Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB: Get Free Diamonds Every Week!

Weekly diamond pass MLBB: Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a weekly diamond pass with which you can get some free diamonds. And with these diamonds, you can purchase anything you want in the game. This weekly diamond pass is released every week and gives players the chance to get free diamonds and rewards.

So if you want this weekly diamond pass MLBB, then stay in this post. We will see whether we have to purchase it or if we can make some changes to get this weekly MLBB diamond pass for free. In this article, we will discuss all this to let you know all about the MLBB weekly diamond pass. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB

What Is Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB And What It Cost?

MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass is an amazing value of just $1.99. Over the course of seven days, you get 210 Diamonds, 210 Starlight Scores, and 7 Diamond Pass Choice Bundles. You may select from 20 Tickets, 20 Magic Dust, 10 Magic Fragments, or 10 Crystals with the choice of bundles.

Remember to log in every day and redeem your rewards to get the most out of this offer. Make sure to claim the free items before they expire as they are given out at 0:00 Server Time and last for 24 hours. The Weekly Diamond Pass does not count towards your First Recharge or other Recharge Tasks, it is very important to understand that.

Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB

It’s important to note that the rewards are given to you at 0:00 Server Time every day and they expire after 24 hours. Therefore, make sure to log in every day to redeem the rewards and boost them. Recharge Missions and the First Recharge cannot be changed by purchasing the MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass, so keep that in mind as well.

How To Purchase Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB?

If you want to purchase weekly diamond pass MLBB just follow these simple steps to purchase it on shop:

  1. Go to shop, a safe and convenient platform for your purchase.
  2. Type in your Zone ID and MLBB User ID. This makes sure the right account gets the Diamonds.
  3. Look for the “Weekly Diamond Pass” option and select it.
  4. Enter the payment option you choose. You have a variety of options to choose between.
  5. Click “Buy Now” to complete the purchase. Your MLBB account will be automatically updated with the recently got Diamonds.

Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB

Just keep in mind that in need to be eligible for the Weekly Diamond Pass, your MLBB account must be at least Level 5. Also, if your already have your MLBB weekly diamond pass has a few days left, you can purchase more Weekly Diamond Passes as long as each of them doesn’t reach to it expiration date.


The Weekly Diamond Pass is also available for purchase in the game itself. Just click on the Diamond icon in the MLBB Main Lobby’s upper right corner. Select the Weekly Diamond Pass checkbox after that. The first box you see should be noted as it will automatically renew your subscription and cut the money from your account.

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