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M21 Week 3 Mission: Know How To Complete It!

The M21 Week 3 Mission is here with another new challenge to complete. As we all know M21 Week 3 Mission is a part of the C4S11 RP Week 3. And we will get rewards as RP after completing all the BGMI Week 3 missions. There are a total of 13 missions this week to complete. According to the mission, we will get our RP rewards, so complete all the tasks to get more RP. This challenge is very simple, and you can complete it very easily. If you missed the chance to complete the week’s mission, then you can complete this one.

There are many other rewards, like items, skins, weapons, and many more. So start the mission, but if you don’t know how to start or how to complete the M21 Royal Pass Week 3 Mission, then stay in this post. In this article, we will discuss all about the M21 Week 3 Mission, how to complete it, and how much time we have to complete all BGMI Week 3 Missions. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

M21 Week 3 Mission

What Are The M21 Week 3 Mission We Have To Complete?

Here are all the M21 Week 3 mission you have to complete to get the rewards this week. However, every M21 Week 3 mission has its own rewards, so if you complete half of them throughout the week, you will get the RP for this particular mission.

M21 Week 3 Mission


  1. 100 RP – Add 7 friends.
  2. 100 RP – Land on any rooftop in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) I time in Classic Mode
  3. 75 RP – (Week 3 only) Spend 100 minutes in matches.
  4. 150 RP – Rescue teammates 20 times in Classic Mode.
  5. 75 RP – Finish 5 enemies with M249 in Classic mode.
  6. 75 RP – Open air drops 6 times with teammates in Classic Mode.
  7. 75 RP – Pick up AKM in 15 matches in Classic Mode.
  8. 75 RP – Finish 24 enemies with M416 in Classic mode.
  9. Finish an enemy from 100 meters away 2 times in Classic mode.
  10. 75 RP – Pick up Extended Quickdraw Mag in 16 matches in Classic Mode.
  11. 75 RP – Use Med Kit 5 times in Classic Mode.
  12. 75 RP – Purchase RP Ranks and accrue Mission Points to get back all your UC.
  13. 75 RP – Enter the Imagination Plaza in 3 matches in Classic Mode.

Make sure to complete the missions on time after that you will not get anything for this event.

M21 Week 3 Mission

When The M21 Week 3 Mission Will End?

The C4S11 Royal Pass likely include the M21 Week 3 Mission. Until to July 1st, the Royal Pass is expected to be available in the game. Therefore, the M21 Royal Pass Week 3 Mission may be completed by players until July 1st. It’s important to keep in mind that officials do not approve this deadline. You should check the game directly for the correct information about the mission’s time limit, or you can bookmark Gaming Acharya to get updates quickly and easily.

M21 Week 3 Mission

Tips And Tricks To Compy All The BGMI Week 3 Missions :-

The following tips will help you complete the C4S11 RP Week 3 mission.

  1. Focus on one challenge at a time.
  2. To increase your chances of success, play with a team.
  3. Use the correct equipment and tools for the mission.
  4. To complete tasks specific to a mode, play in Classic mode.
  5. Throughout the missions, stay consistent and patient.

You’ll have greater chances of finishing the M21 Week 3 mission and getting rewards in BGMI if you follow to these tips. Good fortune.


The BGMI Week 3 Missions are fun challenges with prizes and RP points available. To find skins and outfits, complete activities like shooting opponents or collecting specific items. Play in teams, focus on a single challenge at a time, while making use of proper weapons. Be persistent and take advantage of the BGMI week 3 missions as the end date is July 1st.

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