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How to Kill Amnesia the Bunker Monsters 2023

Amnesia the Bunker Monsters is a heart-pounding horror game that immerses players in a world of fear and suspense. The monstrous creature known as “The Beast” is a central antagonist in the game, relentlessly pursuing the player throughout their harrowing journey. While the Amnesia the Bunker Monsters series is known for its emphasis on helplessness and limited combat abilities, Amnesia the Bunker Monsters introduces a unique twist by granting players the opportunity to fight back against their terrifying adversary.

How to Kill Amnesia the Bunker Monsters 2023

For the majority of the game, players are confronted with the grim reality that they are unable to kill the monster. The Beast lurks in the shadows of the underground hideout, a constant presence that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest players. Utilizing firearms and explosives may temporarily repel the creature, forcing it to retreat into the labyrinthine crawlspaces it calls home, but its insatiable hunger for the player’s demise ensures its eventual return.

Amnesia the Bunker Monsters

However, as the game nears its climactic conclusion, a glimmer of hope emerges. After acquiring the dynamite and detonator handle, players gain the means to destroy the exit leading out of the bunker. Venturing down the newly opened path, they find themselves in a vast and foreboding area of multiple bridges shrouded in darkness.

In this final location, the Beast continues its relentless pursuit, leaving players with a critical choice: to either eliminate the creature once and for all or outmaneuver it long enough to create an escape route using strategically stacked crates. To achieve the former, players must lure the Beast onto one of the precarious wooden bridges and trigger its demise by obliterating the bridge.

Certain bridges within this eerie expanse are constructed from fragile wood, rendering them susceptible to gunfire and explosive damage. By positioning oneself on a wooden bridge and attracting the attention of the Beast, players can entice the creature to charge towards them. Seizing this opportune moment, they must execute precise timing, unleashing a well-placed shotgun blast or detonating a carefully thrown grenade to shatter the bridge beneath the weight of the monster. 

How to Kill Amnesia the Bunker Monsters 2023

How to kill Amnesia the Bunker Monsters

Alternatively, a cunning player may choose to exploit the distraction potential of a discovered item, the rabbit toy. Found amidst the eerie remnants of the Roman ruins, this innocuous object proves to be a powerful tool. By tossing the rabbit toy onto a wooden platform, players can captivate the Beast’s attention, captivating the creature for a brief but vital interval of 5 to 10 seconds. This respite provides a window of opportunity to orchestrate the destruction of a nearby bridge, sealing the fate of the Beast and ensuring a safer passage to freedom from the bunker’s clutches.

These methods of confronting and ultimately dispatching the fearsome Beast present players with choices, adding a layer of strategic thinking to the heart-pounding terror that permeates Amnesia the Bunker Monsters. Whether players opt for a direct confrontation, leveraging their weapons and explosives to topple the creature, or employ cunning diversion tactics with the rabbit toy, their objective remains the same: survival.

By defying the conventions of the Amnesia series, Amnesia the Bunker Monsters offers players a tantalizing taste of empowerment in a world dominated by darkness and despair. With skill, bravery, and a dash of luck, players can overcome their most formidable foe and emerge from the depths of the bunker as a triumphant survivor. With a thunderous crash, the Beast hurtles into the unfathomable depths below, vanquished at last. 

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