GBO2 Tier List 2023 – All Best Suits!

GBO2 tier list 2023: Gundam Battle Operation 2 has been finally launched on and for steam. Now let’s see the new tier list for GBO2 in June 2023.

The tier list for Gundam Battle Operation 2 will only include the best set of mobile suits for all units in the game. And with this you can all easily win all battles too.

These tier lists keep changing the order every month and a new GBO2 tier list will take over as well. Now let’s check the new GBO2 tier list for 2023.

Gbo2 Tier List 2023 – Best Suits!

Gbo2 tier list

Here are the best mobile suits from our GA tier list for Gundam Battle Operation 2 tier list of June 2023 too,

S Tier – The incredible mobile suits of Gbo2 will always be placed here. You should first go for these units only. They have the best stats too.

A Tier – Right next to S Tier, the mobile suits of this category are most required to win all battles of Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2

B Tier – These suits have been average. You can use them for some GBO2 battles too by upgrading them with required resources and materials as well

C Tier – The weakest suits are here. You can kindly ignore them during all Gundam Battle Operation 2 battles and missions. As they are poor for even all Gbo2 small quests too and additionally also for all challenges as well.

Best Suits of Gundam Battle Operation 2 


  • S Tier – Pezen Dowadji, Zamel, Kempfer, Brit, Gigan, Alex, Heavy Gundam, Gundam, Gun Cannon, Drazze
  • A Tier – Gyan Aeos, Act Zak, Powered Jim, Dowage
  • B Tier – Zac Cannon, Aggai, Jim Sniper 2
  • C Tier – Gun Tank, Dom

All these are the invincible Gundam Battle Operation 2 units from our tier list. Use these for improvising your performance in the game too.

Gbo2 tier list


Our Gundam Battle Operation 2 tier list has been shared here at GA. Stay tuned for more exclusive leaks and updates. Keep watching this space for all gaming and e-Sports video games updates too.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is a free-to-play battle action game from the developers named Bandai Namco Limited. Here, your role is to use Mobile Suit and defeat all foes on both land and space.

This game is also based on Mobile Suit Gundam series of the Universal Century. The PvP battles involving all robots will be a visual spectacle.

You can also play in the game’s online 6v6 players battle. The battlefields will be intense and full of action as well. You can choose your weapons and train your allies to dominate each and every unit in the incredible war.

You can play as pilots, use explosives and bombs. Earn more DP and unlock more Hero Suits. You can get the weekly supply drops rewards like tokens and firearms.

Interact with all random war buddies on the road and then you can also use tokens to upgrade everything like mobile suits and weapons as well.

Overall, an amazing battle game that has various content and features. Gundam Battle Operation 2 has always been the best game from this series as well.


Is Gundam Battle Operation 2 a Good Game?

Yes, it’s a majestic battle game

Is the Game Free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free-to-play right now

How to Play It?

Gundam Battle Operation 2 game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows platforms right now

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