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How to Unban BGMI ID: Working Trick

How to Unban BGMI ID:  Your BGMI Id got banned? But you don’t know how to unban it. There is no specific reason for your BGMI Id being banned it can be a temporary suspension. The thing is there are many of the person or fake players who play tricks for various kinds of benefits like chicken dinners and to finish their task easily without any problem. But these things became the cause for the innocent players and their BGMI Id it also got banned along with the cheaters.

In this article, we will be discussing the possible ways to unban BGMI Id. So keep on reading to get the solution for your problems.


Why Your Id Got Banned?

So to keep an eye on the behavior of the player in the game BGMI has Detecting System in the game. If any player tries to be smart and play any cheating tricks this system directly detects the fault and punishes the player. Recently Krafton company decide to directly Ban the installation facility of BGMI for those that have performed any illegal activities.

  • The first reason behind being your BGMI Id ban is downloading your BGMI game from a third-party source. So we can suggest that always download from the official source only.
  • Usage of any legal tools in the game can be a reason
  • Using any unauthorized third-party program to login into the game will lead to changing the client file data.
  • An official game client usage to play the game.
  • Cheating with teammates multiple times.
  • Team up with other players in other games.
  • For recharging UC usage of any unauthorized payment channel.

So here is the pocket full of reasons that can lead to your BGMI ID ban. He keeps on reading the article to get your solution.

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How to Unban BGMI Id: Working Methods

We are listing two useful methods by which you can unban BGMI Id which got banned. But make sure you don’t perform any unethical activity and team up multiple times with cheaters before performing this method. This method will surely gonna solve your problem if you are innocent and haven’t done any illegal activity.

Method 1.

So it can be an alternative way how to unban BGMI Id permanently in some time. You just need to follow these caps given below carefully:

  1. First, you need to visit the official support page of  BGMI.
  2. Now you will see a blue button over the left side of the page with contact us written on that button.
  3. You need to enter the credentials as it is asked over there on the website. And now click on submit.
  4. Now you need to describe your issue and what kind of issue you are facing. ( You can take reference from the request letter given below )

Hello Team Krafton,

Without any reason, my BGMI ID got banned. And I am unable to access my game in recent days. Kindly pay attention to my problem and unban my Id. I am providing my credential here below in the letter. I will be very thankful to you if you solve my problem in a possible way of to Unban BGMI ID – *******


Thank you

Your Name

– Attach a screenshot of the ban notification appearing during the time of your login.

– Click on submit and now click verify and solve the puzzle.

– Your message has been successfully submitted notification will appear on your screen in a while for Unban BGMI Id.

As we said it can be an alternative but you can give a try to this method to Unban  BGMI  id which got banned.

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Method 2 to Unban BGMI id:

Now we are talking about the second method from which you can unban BGMI   ID.

Step 1: First you need to open your BGMI game and login into your account.

Step 2: Now when you try to login into your account the account Ban notification will pop up and appear on your screen.

The message will look like this –

Your account will be banned for violating regulations unlocks on 2031/07/21 20:45:07. Customer Support E-mail: [email protected]

Step 3: Click on the details to know the mistake detected by the system.

Step 4: Now, click on the file claim if the detected mistake is not performed by you.

Step 5: You need to write a detailed letter f banned request letter via email to Krafton. In that email letter, you need to mention your BGMI character ID.

Now send your email request to Krafton your account will be reviewed manually by Battleground Mobile India. All you need to remember is you should not be found guilty of such illegal activities but, if you are found guilty in this activity your BGMI Id will directly get banned permanently. The reason behind the banishment of BGMI ID is can be a technical Glitch. But the most important thing behind it will be solved directly after the Glitch is recognized by the BGMI team.

You need to remember before requesting for your unban BGMI id that you didn’t perform an illegal or unauthorized activity in the game such as getting chicken dinner by tips and tricks for completing your task by cheating. We can’t guarantee that your BGMI Ban will occur if you have created it in the game.

But if you have done cheating and any illegal activity in BGMI. so we suggest you make a new account and refrain from cheating this time. In-game cheating is such an illegal activity or unorganized thing a person can do. Never log in to your account from a third party like BGMI APK mod. It will directly put your BGMI ID on the radar.

Summarising Up on Unban BGMI ID

We all are against of doing cheating and performing such illegal activities which cause your BGMI ID to get banned. Never do such a thing which will cause you these types of problems. We have listed to most helpful method to help you out. Stay connected with the articles to read more and more about such types of problems and issues and their solution.

In this article, we have learned how to unban BGMI ID and now after reading this article, you will be ready to go with these methods. This guide proofs to be helpful to you, you can easily drop your thoughts in the comment box. You can drop your problem in the comment box we will surely get back to you in a course of time after reading your problems.

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